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Blizzard Authenticator Warning: Only One Per Account

Just a quick heads-up here. I’ve now read on four separate sites that some people are ordering more than one Blizzard Authenticator for themselves, eg. if they play on a desktop computer and a laptop.
It doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. Continue reading

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Tobold on Story-Telling in MMORPGs

At the risk of being accused again of being a closet roleplayer (full disclosure: there’s no closet. I was a pen & paper roleplayer in my teens, I have fond memories both as a player and GM of these times, and that probably also explains why I spend most of my computer gaming in RPGs), here’s a heads-up on Tobold’s post about story-telling in MMORPGs, which I highly recommend. Continue reading

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Rouge BG Arena Advice

Turns out I missed one search term. Rouge BG Arena Advice. Hmm… OK. Here’s your Rouge Background Arena Advisor:

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