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Blizzard Authenticator Warning: Only One Per Account

Just a quick heads-up here. I’ve now read on four separate sites that some people are ordering more than one Blizzard Authenticator for themselves, eg. if they play on a desktop computer and a laptop.
It doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. Continue reading

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Blizzard Authenticator on EU Store – Sold Out?

At the time of this writing, the Blizzard Authenticator is marked as sold out. It isn’t entirely clear whether I missed the opportunity to buy it this morning (and they’ve gone like hot cakes) or they haven’t actually yet been offered for purchasing. Continue reading

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Why the Optional Blizzard Authenticator will Become Quite Mandatory

Blizzard announced a new tool in the arsenal of measures to combat account theft, their authenticator. In short, you buy the authenticator for a small sum of money, tie it to one or more Blizzard game accounts, and from then on, whenever you want to log in, you will be prompted to type in not just your username and password, but also a short authentication code. Continue reading

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Misplaced Fearmongering by WoWInsider’s so-called Security Expert

In his latest column, the pretend computer security “expert” John Eldrige again raises FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) around Warden, regurgitating the following urban legend: Continue reading

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Safely Changing your WoW Password

In the wake of another round of account hacking – Emeritus blogging tank HonorsHammer is one of the latest prominent victims – let me restate one important element of my advice regarding account security. Continue reading

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How to Improve your Account Security

As you will have noticed, there’s a widespread account hacking activity going on at the moment, and many people, me included, aren’t exactly happy about the customer service options currently provided by Blizzard. However, to be perfectly clear about one … Continue reading

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Blizzard, Please fix Customer Service Response Times on Account Hacking

In case you haven’t noticed yet: Breana (of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick) has posted a frightening retelling of what happened when one of her guildmates got his account hacked. Basically, the whole guild had to watch while their friend’s account … Continue reading

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