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Short Update: Pallie and DK in Northrend, one Week to XMas

I managed to get some playtime in this weekend. On the Death Knight, I quested a bit more and then parked the toon in Howling Fjords, about 3/4 exp to go to level 71. I respecced the dead guy to … Continue reading

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Paladins, Beware of Bloodicide!

Back in the day when I was playing FFXI online, all classes (or jobs as they are called in the game) have a special move on a 1-hour timer (I think they’ve actually doubled that. So much for dumbing down … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Paladin QQ Post

Being away and with little playtime to try out things has some advantages, I don’t get to react to strings of nerfs + partial reversals as they happen. I got some playtime on my paladin (now Ret with the blue … Continue reading

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Armchair Theorycrafting: the lackluster Wrath Healadin

With time and many tweaks and adjustments, the WotLK beta has wrought many changes from the initial beta outlook. As we get closer to patch 3.x and its class overhauls, I took a long, hard look at the current state of the healadin.
And I don’t like it. Continue reading

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Patch 2.4 Bonus: Cheap Gear for Off-Specs

So between diapers and stuff, I logged some playtime to see the Sunwell action, and tried to join in. But with a protadin, it isn’t exactly fast, to say the least. Continue reading

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