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Beacon of Light Macro

Author’s note: I have quit playing WoW before patch 3.0.5. Warcraft-related content is no longer being updated, and information in this post may not reflect the live game anymore The risk when you’re running as a healing / tanking / … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Best Moments in WoW?

One of our regular readers would like to continue verifying how deep the often stark contrast between my favourite hardcore blogging antagonist Stop and me is running, and wrote us both asking to define our best moment in WoW Continue reading

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How to Improve level 70 Horde PvP

Euripides over at Critical QQ relates his past 7 months of disastrous experiences in the level 70 BGs as horde. Although by all accounts how each faction fares depending on the battlegroup you are playing in, I have definitely noticed … Continue reading

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Tobold on Death Knights as Tanks

Tobold ponders about how Death Knights will affect the tanking classes, in particular warriors, reflecting in anticipation a bit of the class angst which was palpable when patch 2.0 hit and bears and paladins suddenly became tank-viable to a point. … Continue reading

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Guild runs instead of PUGs are always so much… uh…

The guild had a plan involving some birdies, so a quick gathering of heroes made off to Sethekk Halls, yours truly with shield and mace to tank the thing. Our mage called a bio. Then boredom hit like lightning. Our … Continue reading

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Returning to Shadow Labs

As I have mentioned before, I have had a rocky time in SL. Back when I was tank spec before hitting 70, we never made it past Vorpil. When I was healadin, we often had rocky runs, wiping once or … Continue reading

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No, Shorsha, Causing a Huntard to Leave doesn’t make you a Jerk

Often, PUGs are a lot better than what the constant barrage of horror stories suggest, and with the bad reputations such random gathering of people have, there’s ample opportunity to be pleasantly surprised when things work out well. Sometimes, though, … Continue reading

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Revisiting Ramparts for fun

One of the guildies wanted to get an alt through Ramparts, so we assembled a PUG and went on our merry way. Or rather, wanted to go. Doomhammer EU was afflicted by massive bouts of lag yesterday, and apparently (though … Continue reading

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First Heroics

Last night, in the middle of WSG, our esteemed GM suddenly asks if I can replace her in heroic Ramparts, as she has to leave. Despite knowing that my gear is slightly sub-par for heroics (sitting on +1173 healing with … Continue reading

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