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Matticus Channels Cosmo: 16 New and Sexy Additions in 2.4

Well, Matt, I’m not suffering from writer’s block, but I take your challenge nonetheless. Continue reading

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My Damage Meters says Other Healers are Slackers

Convergence. While not directly related to my benchmarking exercise, I read a forum post wherein a paladin states that in his Kara run, his meters show him doing up to 70% of the healing when running with a resto shaman … Continue reading

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Heads Up: Blessing of Kings on Priests as Hybrids

In case you haven’t already seen it, Rohan looks as Shadow Priests and where the class works as a hybrid, and contrasts it with the paladin (which fails at the same thing). While it is paladin-centric, I expect you can … Continue reading

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Heads-Up: Macro Theory and Practice

Kirk from Priestly Endeavors has an in-depth series on macros running, the latest post going into the meat of things. There’s plenty of good stuff in there, regardless of whether you’re a priest or not, including basic explanation of how … Continue reading

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World of QQCraft

Bah. I’ve stayed away from any fora safe for alla’s pallie boards for a while, but needed a refresher on mages, and got more than I asked for. In the announced patch 2.3 changes, the single most interesting element is … Continue reading

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Quick Heads-Up

Just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of new links on the blogroll: – Blood Paladin, focussed on all things healing – Priestly Endeavors and Egotistical Priest, two very worthwile reads from the experience and perspective of the … Continue reading

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