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Tankadins and Patch 3.0.8: Farewell to our Pulling Trinket

For 2 years, paladins wanting to tank (hah! As if anyone’d let us) could body pull. For 2 more years, paladins could body pull or use Avenger’s shield to pull 3 targets. Blood knights even had a racial ranged pull … Continue reading

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Will 3.1 Dual Specs Become the Rug Under Which Design Issues Will Be Swept?

As you’ve heard already, Blizzard plans to bring an option to switch between two specs at the drop of a hat (probably out of combat) including switching your gliph selection in the process. A neat feature on the surface, right? … Continue reading

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The End to an Unique Alliance Experience

Patch 3.0.2 is upon us. With it come goodies like new talent trees (bye bye holy, hello Ret on my paladin), inscriptions, the barber shops and more. The patch will also bring Stormwind Harbor. And a ferry between Auberdine and … Continue reading

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Gravatars (Finally) Enabled, and Plugging the NOFF Plugin

I finally managed to take the time and add Gravatar support to Altitis. Continue reading

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The Quest for Precise Damage Metering: Almost There

Numbers, numbers, numbers. That’s all Damage Meter addons are about. Getting those as close to what your server knows you have dealt is the big challenge, and the Eldorado promised by patch 2.4 is getting closer by the day. Continue reading

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Patch 2.4 Bonus: Cheap Gear for Off-Specs

So between diapers and stuff, I logged some playtime to see the Sunwell action, and tried to join in. But with a protadin, it isn’t exactly fast, to say the least. Continue reading

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