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Paladins, Beware of Bloodicide!

Back in the day when I was playing FFXI online, all classes (or jobs as they are called in the game) have a special move on a 1-hour timer (I think they’ve actually doubled that. So much for dumbing down … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Paladin QQ Post

Being away and with little playtime to try out things has some advantages, I don’t get to react to strings of nerfs + partial reversals as they happen. I got some playtime on my paladin (now Ret with the blue … Continue reading

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Armchair Theorycrafting: the lackluster Wrath Healadin

With time and many tweaks and adjustments, the WotLK beta has wrought many changes from the initial beta outlook. As we get closer to patch 3.x and its class overhauls, I took a long, hard look at the current state of the healadin.
And I don’t like it. Continue reading

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Leveling a Second Paladin? Hell No

I might have mentioned I’m currently focusing my attention on a PvP realm, that’s where my pals are playing. The side-effect though is that my level 70 pallie lost all focus, due to sitting on a PvE realm. My mage … Continue reading

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I’m Alive, Damnit!

Matticus writes about dead WoW Blogs. I’m not dead. I was on vacation, remember?

And since Steptoe actually suddenly reappeared, I’m also back in the game and made level 54 [...] Continue reading

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About the Difficulty to Write Steady Wrath Beta Commentary: DK Tanking Talents

I probably should have known better. I actually used to.

With the latest beta build, DK tanking talents appear again to spread across all three trees. Again, not much of an issue in general (except that now you actually will have to make some choices as currently not every single of them can be picked anymore), just that with the rate of changes, the class is currently too unstable to try and predict much about it.[...] Continue reading

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Some Blue Posts on Tanking Design Philosophy for Wrath

Looking through recent Blue posts, here are a few interesting tidbits regarding Tank design for Wrath. Continue reading

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Early Healadin Reports: Holy Shock Becomes Viable

To follow up on my previous post, via the EJ thread linking to it, someone wrote about his experiences group healing in the Wrath beta on the o-bards:[...] Continue reading

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Wrath Paladins: Significant Changes in Healing Techniques Ahead?

From a first look at the paladin spells from 70-80 as displayed on MMO Champion, I was struck by the jump in mana costs for the new two ranks for both Flash of Light and Holy Light.[...] Continue reading

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