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Bartle doesn’t get MMOs says Tobold, who doesn’t get Bartle

In one of these interesting meta-spats in the blogosphere, Tobold took exception to Richard Bartle’s statement in an interview to Massively that “I’ve already played Warhammer. It was called World of Warcraft.”
Tobold proceeded to write a withering post about Bartle’s bitterness and irrelevance in modern MMOs which, Tobold believes, the old curmudgeon doesn’t grasp anymore. Continue reading

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Disease Mechanisms in PvE?

Part of the pre-announced Death Knight’s abilities include using the disease debuff quite liberally. I’m wondering how that will play out in PvE (obviously I don’t hold my breath, bosses will probably be immune to most of it). Continue reading

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And thus TBC Ends, both in a Bang and in a Whimper

As most of you will have seen already, Kil’Jaeden is down, and the PvE content of the Burning Crusade is now complete.
Two things strike me, first, it was SK Gaming who got the world first, putting an end to 25 months of Nihilum dominance. Congratulations. Continue reading

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Death Knight Tanking Unveiled

As everyone will have found out by now, there’s a lot of WotLK info bursting out today. Gamespy’s report on Deathknight is particularly interesting. Continue reading

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Daostrasz on Tweaking your Graphics in WoW

Daostrasz has an excellent post out here for people not making full use of a good gfx card and plenty of RAM, explaining how you can improve the eye-candy value in the game. Continue reading

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Draele on Improving Warlock Talent Trees

Draele of Rantings of the Afflicted spent some time recently to think about issues with the Warlock class. Now before all non-warlocks start thinking “pff, like warlocks need any buffs”, this isn’t about buffing the class but about fixing glaring inconsistencies in the talent trees which limit warlock playstyles. Continue reading

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More Complex Comparison of +Crit vs MP5 for Healadins

To follow up on yesterday’s post, here’s another short series of comparison in terms of item budgets, using a more complex casting pattern. Continue reading

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Paladin Healing: Comparing Crit vs MP5 as Item Budget

Several of my blogging peers have spent time pondering or explaining the difference between stacking +MP5 versus +spell crit for healadins. While I refer you to the two links for specifics, I decided to compare both stats in terms of Item Budget. Continue reading

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AFK BG Leeching now a Big Deal

After clinging to the “we want to remove the reason people AFK in BGs” line for way too long, Blizzard has revised their stance and will now crack down hard on the eternal leechers: Continue reading

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