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Wrath of the Lich King: NOW We Can Talk

Unless you have been removed from the news cycle, you allready know these two important tidbits of information:
The Wrath Beta has started
The NDA has been lifted.
In other words, any proposed changes are now public, in the open, and up for legit discussion.[...] Continue reading

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Hunter 101: Taming Above Level 20

Stating that the wow blogosphere is overloaded with high quality hunter sites is probably an understatement. All you ever wanted to know about hunter done not simply right but done well is there at the simple click of a mouse. Continue reading

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Reader Question: Best Moments in WoW?

One of our regular readers would like to continue verifying how deep the often stark contrast between my favourite hardcore blogging antagonist Stop and me is running, and wrote us both asking to define our best moment in WoW Continue reading

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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: How did you come up with your Character Names?

I’ve left the first couple of Blog Azeroth shared topics slide by since I didn’t have anything worth sharing, but I’ll hop on this particular bandwagon So character names. Going back to my teens when I was playing pen & … Continue reading

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AddOns in Review: Damage Meters Benchmark II, solo Hunter

As we saw in the previous benchmark in our series, the surveyed Damage Meters get level 70 character solo play right. Before that one I ran a test series with my level 13 hunter, though, and the picture starts getting … Continue reading

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More on the Ghostwolf Nerf

Looks like I’m not the only one peeved by this hotfix: Several hunters wasted a lot of cash getting the needed items to make it possible, based on the blue statement that this would stay as it was a creative … Continue reading

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A pointless nerf?

As seen on Mania’s Arcania, Blizzard applied a hotfix preventing taming of the Ghost Wolf in the future, and reversing their previous stance on the matter. Apparently they spent hours agonizing over this and decided to pull the plug (while … Continue reading

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No, Shorsha, Causing a Huntard to Leave doesn’t make you a Jerk

Often, PUGs are a lot better than what the constant barrage of horror stories suggest, and with the bad reputations such random gathering of people have, there’s ample opportunity to be pleasantly surprised when things work out well. Sometimes, though, … Continue reading

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Melee Hunters: an Aberration due to poor Class Design?

I was leveling my mage in Southern Barrens a bit last night, and there, right before my horrified eyes, I had another sample of that sorry excuse for a huntard, the sadly still-too-common Melee Hunter. Now while I have a … Continue reading

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