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Death Knight Macro: Rune Strike Wrapper

Author’s note: I have quit playing World of Warcraft before release of patch 3.0.5. The content of this post is most likely out of date. Here’s a cool macro template to get your rune strike into your opponent’s face: #showtooltip … Continue reading

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Muckbeast on Raiding Design

Cambios is a game dev who may just have started his blog recently, yet posts interesting stuff from day one. Taking on some of the more visible flaws in raiding in current MMOs, he writes:[...] Continue reading

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Wrath of the Lich King: NOW We Can Talk

Unless you have been removed from the news cycle, you allready know these two important tidbits of information:
The Wrath Beta has started
The NDA has been lifted.
In other words, any proposed changes are now public, in the open, and up for legit discussion.[...] Continue reading

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Quick Glance at Death Knight Tanking Talents

Wowhead (no, I’m still not linking to them) put up a WWI-based talent calculator for DKs. From a quick survey, it appears Blizzard wants indeed not to typecast each talent tree to specific roles, as talents fit for tanking appear in all three.[...] Continue reading

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Disease Mechanisms in PvE?

Part of the pre-announced Death Knight’s abilities include using the disease debuff quite liberally. I’m wondering how that will play out in PvE (obviously I don’t hold my breath, bosses will probably be immune to most of it). Continue reading

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