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Time to Rethink Arena?

This week ended up a lot better for Steptoe and I than our first week in Season 5 (where we ran 1-9), with a 10-6 win ratio out of 16 games. In general we felt a lot more comfortable with … Continue reading

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Reader Question: Best Moments in WoW?

One of our regular readers would like to continue verifying how deep the often stark contrast between my favourite hardcore blogging antagonist Stop and me is running, and wrote us both asking to define our best moment in WoW Continue reading

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Matticus Channels Cosmo: 16 New and Sexy Additions in 2.4

Well, Matt, I’m not suffering from writer’s block, but I take your challenge nonetheless. Continue reading

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How to Improve level 70 Horde PvP

Euripides over at Critical QQ relates his past 7 months of disastrous experiences in the level 70 BGs as horde. Although by all accounts how each faction fares depending on the battlegroup you are playing in, I have definitely noticed … Continue reading

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I’m so Dense…

So here I am, with my epic flyer, some pettycash in the pocket, playing too late for raiding, and while levelling my mage is always fun for a while, my rampant altitis, as usual, wants me to play something I … Continue reading

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AFK BG Leeching now a Big Deal

After clinging to the “we want to remove the reason people AFK in BGs” line for way too long, Blizzard has revised their stance and will now crack down hard on the eternal leechers: Continue reading

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The Losing AV gives Zero Honour Fallacy

Author’s note: I have quit playing World of Warcraft before patch 3.0.5. Content in this article is unlikely to be relevant anymore and will not be updated. Every other month or so, there’s another common QQ theme, and the current … Continue reading

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A few Ideas to Improve Battlegrounds

As I have spent some time in the past railing about several flaws in raiding which were being exposed by the availability of arena and BG gear, I haven’t yet really written about where BGs in particular need work and … Continue reading

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Putting a few things back into their right place

There’s a strange thing happening in the wowosphere these days. Due to a couple of rants I wrote, and my admittedly vehement participation in certain welfare epics debates, I have apparently become some kind of advocate for the PvP viewpoint … Continue reading

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