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Master Blogging and Altitis Birthsday

So after a significant slowdown to my posting activities, this is my 300th post on Altitis. Incidentally, the blog is also 1 year (and 10 days) old now. Continue reading

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Closing the 2007 Welfare Epics Debate with a Look at PvE

As you will have noticed, I’ve had a couple of things to say on the whole PvP loot distribution system and its perception by the playerbase. From the other side of the issue, Rohan has been using about as much … Continue reading

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Top 5 Arena Teams – Correcting the Warrior / Pallie Myth

Back to Relmstein’s opinion about the strength of Warrior + Pallie duos in 5v5. I have cautionned, in both of his posts, that we weren’t looking at the whole picture, the first time because my couple of snapshots of top … Continue reading

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The need for better Arena Statistics – Armory Crawler v2 in design

Relmstein stirred an interesting debate in his last two posts and gave me the kick I needed to get back to work in earnest in improving my Arena Ladder crawler. In his first post, Relmstein made some pointed remarks about … Continue reading

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Coding an Armory Crawler in PHP – basic HOWTO

Upon special request, a few notes on how I build my crawler.What I’m using: A stock XAMPP (for windows in my case) package, containing PHP 5: I wanted 5 simply because it contains SimpleXML, which makes parsing easy and straightforward … Continue reading

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More Arena Compostion Statistics

Context: Data sampled tonight, 20h after arena reset. Limitations of the previous sample still apply.Without changing the Crawler code, I collected more ladders. The data collected is reproduced below by class and build, expressed in percentage of the total amount … Continue reading

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Top Arena 2v2 Team Composition – Blackout EU

Author’s note: I have quit playing WoW before patch 3.0.5. Warcraft-related content is no longer being updated, and information in this post may not reflect the live game any more. As promised, here’s the data gathered so far. Notes:Battlegroup: Blackout … Continue reading

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Crawler Progress Update

The crawler itself is now totally debugged (had one until the last minute which I kept missing which wouldn’t actually get the individual talent trees for each arena member). I gather all the data I want to for this project, … Continue reading

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New Crawler Delay

Crawler coding proper is done, I was able to collect a data sample from the top 2v2 teams in one battleground. Now it’s the statistical part which I have to work on.Not entirely sure how I want to compile and … Continue reading

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