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33rd America’s Cup: Thanks God it’s Over

So the 33rd America’s Cup is finally run, congratulations to Oracle who crushed the Swiss team Alinghi. Ironically, despite writing about the shameful display of court action (that would continue for a long while) a couple of years ago, I … Continue reading

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The Four Learning Styles and How They Can Help Team Progression

Are any of these familiar? Some of your players simply never seem to read strategies posted to the website? Some others, no matter how, will always forget about vital buffs or die to ground fire at least once? When you … Continue reading

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Time to Rethink Arena?

This week ended up a lot better for Steptoe and I than our first week in Season 5 (where we ran 1-9), with a 10-6 win ratio out of 16 games. In general we felt a lot more comfortable with … Continue reading

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80 at Last, Now What?

On my paladin, I finally dinged 80, ending my first toon’s journey to the new endgame. A couple of thoughts about the latter parts of the journey, if you will. Veteran of Wrathgate: I completed what some people have dubbed … Continue reading

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I’m Alive, Damnit!

Matticus writes about dead WoW Blogs. I’m not dead. I was on vacation, remember?

And since Steptoe actually suddenly reappeared, I’m also back in the game and made level 54 [...] Continue reading

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Wrath to End PvE / PvP Gear Dispute

One of the gripes most often heard during Arena Season 2 and Season 3 from part of the hardcore raiding crowd was about the fact that Arena gear was recoloured tier gear, so that an Illidan-killing hero wouldn’t really appear remarkable when walking in areas where arena dancers gathered. Continue reading

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Full Tokenization of Dungeon Drops Idea Spreading

In the wake of Tobold’s latest thoughts on providing more incentives to guild loyalty, fellow blogger PΘtshΘt came up with quite similar ideas I’ve been putting forward, to remove the impact of sheer luck from instance drops and replace the loot tables with token drops. Continue reading

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Reader Question: Best Moments in WoW?

One of our regular readers would like to continue verifying how deep the often stark contrast between my favourite hardcore blogging antagonist Stop and me is running, and wrote us both asking to define our best moment in WoW Continue reading

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Catering to the Casuals Indeed

As most of you will have noticed by now, Blizzard, in yet another clear demonstration that the hardcore whining raider-fabricated myth of the complaining casuals is just that, a myth, kowtowed to the tiny but vocal minority and added arena rating requirements both to most S4 arena gear but also, in a slightly more surprising move, to the S4 honour gear. Continue reading

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