LotRO: Leveling Woodworker from scratch to mastery, Apprentice tier

What is the most efficient selection of recipes to get woodworker to mastery? Browsing around, I found only either out of date or incomplete information. Some initial material I found online looked promising… and then I went in-game to verify it, and saw that in the meantime, all recipes had been normalized.

What’s a blogger to do? Research the stuff myself, of course. Whether you want to level woodworking with the least wood, the least money or the least time, the table below should help you decide.

Today, we’ll look at the simplest table of them all, the apprentice level using Rowan Wood planks.

Total Wood Planks Total Exp How many to 660 Total planks needed Total silver Total Craft actions
Rowan Weapons 2 10 66 132 105.6 132
Heavy Rowan Weapons 4 18 37 148 59.2 111

* Updated to account for proficiency level

Crafting the normal, level 7 Rowan weapons takes least wood but more money and time. Picking the Heavy Rowan weapons instead saves on time and money, but will require 21 more rowan. If you gather them yourself, the time savings will be lost with the foresting work

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3 Responses to LotRO: Leveling Woodworker from scratch to mastery, Apprentice tier

  1. Longasc (7 comments) says:

    This is true for Jewelcrafting as well. Purely to level the trade, you create the low quality gear. But you will want to create a few higher quality ones for yourself and for trade. Especially crit-gear sells for good cash.

    So make sure you keep those “Resins”, they improve the crit chance for Woodworkers. Every profession has these +crit chance items, like flax fibres for tailors and various salts for tinkers.

  2. peo companies (1 comments) says:

    To start crafting, you must first play through the initial series of quests and move out into the wider world. In various towns throughout Middle-earth, you will find a Master or Mistress of Apprentices who will help you select your vocation. Each vocation is made up of three professions, as shown below. At least one workplace of each type is near each Master or Mistress of Apprentices, so that you can immediately begin crafting. A Provisioner is also nearby, to sell you tools and some of the necessary ingredients.

  3. Nofear916 (1 comments) says:

    I can’t find out how to woodcut can anyone help I thought it was find logs or branches on the floor and chop them up but there is no wood anywhere.