LotRO: Leveling Woodworking from Scratch to Mastery, Journeyman tier

Following up on last night’s post, the table for the Journeyman Woodworker tier, using Ash Wood, is already a bit better furnished:

Total Wood planks Total Exp How many to 840 Total Planks needed Total silver Total Crafting actions
Champion Horn 4 8 105 420 0 105
Ash Weapons 2 10 84 168 201.6 168
Stout Ash Weapons 4 16 53 212 127.2 159
Heavy Ash Weapons 6 22 39 234 93.6 156
Parchments 2 6 140 280 0 140
Everything else 4 8 105 420 0 105

* Updated to include proficiency

As with the previous table, the numbers assume that you already have Ash planks at the ready, so the cost of turning the raw wood into planks is not part of the price evaluation here.

Going forward, there are several more choices on what to craft in each tier. What remains true is that the faster you want to level, the more Rowan planks will be required. Most wood-efficient remains as always the first set of weapons in this tier – something that we will see later is also verifiable in the Expert tier, and, I suspect, will not change all the way up to master at the very least.

As Longasc mentioned in his comment on the last post, these tables are obviously only directly useful in this form for someone wanting to speed-level woodworking – something that should become very simple to do on a low level alt after the new patch goes live. If you level the craft in parallel with a character’s natural progression, it is best to blend in the higher level weapons as you need them.

You will get most benefit, in fact, if you are able to speed level to proficiency with the plain ash weapons (using 56 ash wood planks), then craft critical equipment for your use. The weapons for instance have quite a nice edge over the normal versions, and the same goes for the musical instruments. Critical equipment also tends to sell quite nicely on the AH (provided it is not completely flooded of course) and can recoup quite a bit of investment if you buy the wood planks instead of collecting them yourself.

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3 Responses to LotRO: Leveling Woodworking from Scratch to Mastery, Journeyman tier

  1. Kevin (1 comments) says:

    Hey, is this LOTRO ? Could you please provide the game website link ? Wanna try it out :D

  2. Roy (1 comments) says:

    Hey! That’s great. It will surely speed up the leveling up…
    The chart will come in handy, too. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    *Tumbleweed rolls by*