The MMO Law of Gathering Professions

While I’ve made cynical observations about loot drop in MMOs before, in an amusing twist of fate, the invaluable Casual  Stroll to Mordor today blogs about optimal profession spread between four alt characters in LotRO. As coincidence has it, I made another observation on this very matter last night.The laws of gathering professions

“The valuable resource you just found can only be collected by your one alt located on the other side of the world.”

True fact.

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3 Responses to The MMO Law of Gathering Professions

  1. Longasc (7 comments) says:

    I have seen this suggestion on LOTRO Wiki and it is a perfect “all-in-one” or rather four chars solution indeed.

    But I still think it is suboptimal. Why? Not all professions are making money, are equally useful or wanted.

    I believe:

    1.) new players should pick EXPLORER, no matter which class they play. It makes money and gives a solid gathering foundation for possible future alts.

    2.) as alts you can easily level a Tinker and a Historian. They provide you with Leg. weapon crafting, dyes, food and especially jewelry, the only thing that really makes money in LOTRO. Soon we will not need to play the lottery for a “perfect” legendary weapon as much as we do now (talking about the changes to LI in “Update 2″) and I am afraid the numerous weaponcrafters of my server will make no profit anymore. Very good legendary weapons sell for little more than the Symbol of Celebrimbor, and only a few awesome sold for serious cash so far. This will get even worse in future.

    The best recipes require faction standing with the Galadhrim or Malledhrim anyways, but raising cook or farmer is pretty easy to do and requires nothing. Even more so when the next update removes/changes crafting quests that ask you to go somewhere and retrieve/kill something.

    I somehow never had the experience of the “Law of Gathering Professions”. Nobody usually cares for wood, furs can be looted by everyone, most of my chars can mine ore and precious stuff for Scholars mostly drops from mobs and can be collected by everyone. I admit that I am usually too lazy to pick up various plants for various dyes. :)

    For some odd reason mining is my favorite gathering profession in every MMO I play. Guess I am a dwarf inside!

  2. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    When I started researching a bit before playing LotRO, one blog (I believe it was CSTM again, or MMORsel) suggested first taking up armourer and making some bronze tools before shifting to your intended prof, which worked quite well as a practical advice.

    On the Explorer thing, it definitely makes sense but at the same time, at least on my server, ore sells for enough that I never felt the need to have a second money-maker, so my RK became a Tinker, and the Warden a Woodsman.

    Jeweller has become a bit of a struggle though, with Artisan relying on gold and silver (Expert with only gold was already a pain in the backside)

  3. peo services (1 comments) says:

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