LotRO: Warden’s Heal over Time, Second take

Tooltip for Impressive FlourishIn my first attempt, I gathered the relevant information from the Lorebook and lotro-wiki, for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, when playing my Warden the next time, I found out that the in-game tooltips didn’t always match the external data I had been using. In particular, the previous table displayed several HoT with a 12 seconds duration and my superficial analysis was based on that.

In-game, however, the HoTs only last 6s, at least for the two I can verify with my low level warden.

Luckily, one of the cool features your class trainer offers is to see all your class skills complete with their tooltips, including all of those that you won’t get for another while. And even better, all effects that scale based on your stats or level are also scaled down to the present character’s level.

Which gives me a new table as presented below and a first approximation on the relative efficiency of each HoT. Approximation because I only have two data points to look at so far, at level 14 and 16. While this isn’t enough to work out precise formulas for each gambit, it at least gives a certain indication of what gambit produces how much healing:

Skill Gambit Length Total healing / level Healing / Power Notes
War-Cry 2 2.1 1 6s
Impressive Flourish 2 2.1 1.2 6s
Persevere 2 3.2 13-15 6s
Safeguard 3 5 2.9 6s
Celebration of Skill 4 5.8 5.1 6s
Restoration 5 6.7 6.7 6s
Fierce Resolve 3 2.7 1 16s leech
Resolution 4 2.7 1 instant leech
Exultation of Battle 5 5.4 2.3 16s leech

Source: In-game tooltips, 8 March 2011. Note that “Power” reflects on the power stat (aka mana in other games, not the notion of potency)

Absent from this table is Conviction, which I understand is a quested gambit and would obviously not appear here.

As mentioned, no HoT lists a 12s duration at present, and I did verify by playing that everything I had access to would only tick for 6 seconds, so that part is consistent. Later on, the Warden can unlock traits that add ticks to his HoTs, and that may be the reason for the differing data gathered from other sites.

I’ll have to gain a couple of more levels to start figuring out the formulas which give the exact healing per level, so this table will probably be revisited again some time in the future. Until then, the approximation should be sufficient.

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5 Responses to LotRO: Warden’s Heal over Time, Second take

  1. Longasc (7 comments) says:

    Oh, is Persevere really that powerful? I use the HoT gambits in combo, as the three I have at level 38 (Persevere, Safeguard, Celebration) all stack. You are right, P. has only 2 pulses by default. Getting the two +1 pulse traits extends that to four, so you can run a Persevere-Safeguard-Celebration sequence if you want. It is advisable to leech some morale or use spear gambits as needed, as bashing mobs dead one by one with the shield gambits is not very efficient. :)

  2. Longasc (7 comments) says:

    Oh damn, Healing/Power meant exactly what it supposedly means… I interpreted it as very powerful heal. Yeah, blame me for being too dumb to read a table properly. ;)

  3. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    Heh, I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the use of “Power” in LotRO. I share the feeling. And wow, you’re leveling at light speed compared to me. What areas are you hitting in the 32-40 stretch?

  4. Longasc (7 comments) says:

    I will alternate between Evendim and Trollshaws. You will get to a point where you have too many alternatives and many are too low level for you. For instance, I did not do the lower level North Downs quests, as I outlevelled them by focusing on the Low Lands.

    I did not intentionally level that fast, I even slowed down for a buddy. The BEST and fastest way to level is Skirmishes. They also provide you with kill traits, for example Brigands in the Shire, Hendroval in the Ered Luin and all that -> you get points for this in the Skirmishes “Trouble in Tuckborough” and “Siege of Gondamon” as well. You also get reputation with Thorin’s Hall, the Eglain or other factions depending on the skirmish (but only once per day).

    You should also try not only to buy strong and level appropriate weapons, but also make sure you have the “right” damage type; for the Barrows in Breeland it is Westernesse (vs undead), for worms and drakes in Angmar Ancient-Dwarf Make. Almost every damage type is better than “common damage”, as mobs mostly have stronger defense against it. You can use Westernesse spikes on your shield, they are sold by the Warden trainer.

  5. DocHoliday (1 comments) says:

    Nice chart, and really illustrates why so many of us don’t use SafeGuard unless absolutely necessary. And all the leaches really start getting very power friendly if you have more then one mob around.

    To piggy-back off of Longasc’s comment on leveling, skirmishes really do help quite a bit not only with experience but also gear.

    I guess it has just been too long as I didn’t think Conviction was quest based, but I guess it could be in the level 58 class quest line somewhere, but I thought that was just for the legendary trait.