Tankadins and Patch 3.0.8: Farewell to our Pulling Trinket

For 2 years, paladins wanting to tank (hah! As if anyone’d let us) could body pull.

For 2 more years, paladins could body pull or use Avenger’s shield to pull 3 targets. Blood knights even had a racial ranged pull for casters.

For 3 months, paladins could body pull, use Avenger’s shield to pull 3 targets OR use a glyph to make it single target, with all the downsides.

For 4 years and 3 months, the only other, trusty pulling tool for a tankadin was a little trinket, reward from a long quest chain in Un’Goro, Linken’s Boomerang.

Oh, once you got Avenger’s Shield, it had already become a bit obsolete, but I had kept it in my bank ever since, just in case, you never know, come sunshine and come rain, through respecs to holy and then ret.

Tomorrow, when the patch hits live, the trinket will definitely have outlived any practical usefulness, no longer an almost required complement to the serious tankadin’s arsenal, only a memory of bleaker times, when tanking meant walking 10 miles in the snow, uphill both ways and barefoot, soon to be unknown by new players and forgotten.

But today, still, it is time to pay a last hommage to this constant companion I have treasured since my mid-50ies and always kept handy FINALLY CELEBRATE THE LIBERATION OF ONE BANK SLOT AND GET RID OF THE BLOODY BOOMERANG!!!ONE!!!

Of course, you can’t really throw a boomerang away, or so they say. It keeps returning…

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One Response to Tankadins and Patch 3.0.8: Farewell to our Pulling Trinket

  1. Green Armadillo (15 comments) says:

    I originally leveled my pally as Mining/Blacksmithing, but switched over to engineering in part to get access to those wonderful trinkets. Not only do I get a ranged pull, but it turns the enemy into a chicken (from mid-air if necessary)? Sign me up! :)