Odds and Ends before Christmas

In no particular order, and on Steptoe’s request:

Of the joys of being a two-man guild (instead of a one-man show)

Some people have a specific sense of what being back means

Some people have a peculiar sense of what being back means

A new DK needs professions!

Chain mail needs to be knitted

Chain mail needs to be knitted

Acronyms are HARD

The Unholy Death Knight rotation explained to Steptoe

The Unholy Death Knight rotation explained to Steptoe

Dragonback flying
I know it’s not my private mount but it looks great nonetheless:

Makes me more likely to grind Rep for the red proto dragon mount

Makes me more likely to grind Rep for the red proto dragon mount

The Kirin Tor Tortue quest

Much virtual ink has been spilled by many on this topic already, first by Rohan, and then a bit later by none less than Dr. Richard Bartle. Being a slow leveler, not on as often as everyone else and having taken my DK to 70 before resuming leveling on the paladin, I only did this two nights ago.

As a player, and to stay in line with being a Bartle apologist, I experienced the same sense of disturbance as everyone else who hasn’t just shrugged it off. I do also feel it breaks away in a poorly done manner from the tone WoW has presented to us, and as others I feel this is one prime example where having quests which allow you to actually make moral choices rather than being just a straightforward storyline with player actions between the reading would have been not just great, but actually important for the game.

As a character, and yes, despite NOT playing on an RP server (I know many people believe I’m actually on one, am not, never have been), I sometimes try to put stuff into a roleplaying perspective, things looked different. The toon seeing this quest is a blood elf blood knight (sounds a bit redundant, no?). And while I imagine the character would definitely have scoffed at the hypocrisy of the Kirin Tor (“Our code forbids us to torture but you can do it for us” – interesting political statement for the matter, and this one is too out of place in WoW, as Scott Jennings has pointed out), it’s a lot less shocking for this character than it would have been for an alliance paladin, in particular a Draenei (or so I imagine).

See, the toon is one of the few (OK, given how many blood elves the game throws at you in Outlands, actually not that few) survivors of a race deeply addicted to magic. After facing near extinction at the hands of the Scourge, their Blood Knights derived their powers by leeching it off a Naaru in order to become the protectors of their people. And while the events leading to the Shattered Sun Offensive have redeemed the class in the sense that they were now granted free access to the holy energy powering their spells, their magic addiction has not been cured.

The storyline which involves the infamous quest revolves about the fight between a power who seeks to bar access to arcane magic to all mortals, and mortals who try to preserve that access. From the perspective of a defender of an entire race addicted to arcane magic, who has been using and abusing all means available for the greater goal of preserving his people for a long time, this isn’t out of character at all. I’ve long seen Blood Elves and the Forsaken as pragmatists who will use whatever it takes to achieve their objectives. For the Death Knight it won’t be much different, if you have played the final act of the starter quest at all. They believe themselves beyond redemption anyway, and while they wouldn’t perhaps derive any pleasure from doing this now, they certainly aren’t in a position to play the holier-than-thou crusader about zapping prisoners for information.

So here I am, the player uneasy about the quest, the characters not having an issue with it. Paradoxal? Definitely. Here’s hoping that similar elements will be used and introduced better in the future.

Last but not least

The paladin is level 74, about half-way to 75. I went to Dalaran, got two cooking dailies done so far, still 40 quests left in Borean Tundra, trolled some Winter’s Veil achievements. That’s the pre-break update.

Merry Christmas to all readers, and best wishes to you and yours.

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4 Responses to Odds and Ends before Christmas

  1. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    With today will bring my first steps into Lapland so I have not seen the quest first hand, But I love how you posted screenies of me slightly out of context :) Thanks for that ;) Makes me look like an ass! Happy Christmas :)

  2. megan (28 comments) says:

    Merry Christmas!

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  4. Muckbeast (9 comments) says:

    “Fighting the scourge with needle and thread for great justice.”

    ROFL!!!!!!! You owe me some coffee for that one.

    Muckbeast – Game Design and Virtual Worlds