A Plea to Ace & Curse: Bring Us NoLib AddOns ASAP

As many readers have been slowly realizing over the past 24 hours, the WoWAce community has gone through a massive change in the way they make addons available to the general public – ie. all of us end-users.

The reason given is simple, the Ace community’s success, combined with automatic updaters, have been vastly exceeding their servers’ capacity, to a point which became seriously threatening to their core mission: to provide AddOn developers with the adequate means to work, share, interact and develop code.

The AddOn distribution part of WoWAce has started to effectively imperil the AddOn creation part, something which would, in the long term, harm us, the end-users, a lot more than having to change our downloading ways.

In concrete terms, the WoWAce community will no longer host AddOns for wide distribution, but rely, instead, on Curse.com for that task.

This will impact us in the following manner:

  • If you were manually updating AddOns from files.wowace.com, switch over to curse.com or wowinterface.com (which is still operating at full speed)
  • If you were using WoWAce Updater, this tool has been discontinued. Your recommended choice is to download the curse client instead and start using it.
  • If you were using a different updater and it supports AddOn site changes, like WUU (which is what I’m using), you’ll have to start the sometimes gruesome (when you have 290 AddOns and libs in your portfolio, that is gruesome) task to reroute each of the Ace packages to a different site, adapting the site ID in the process. Note that Curse repositories in general use only lowercase names (contrary to what wowace had) and WoWInterface uses an ID number followed by a dash and the addon name (eg. 1234-myaddon). Also note that WoWI is currently in the low bandwidth mode and updating through the standard siteID is actually not possible.

No matter how, solutions are at hand to help you bring your AddOns up to 3.0.2 par. Granted, the Curse client is, at the time of this writing, quite lacking in features, bells and whistles, but it mostly works.

However, one of the core and fundamental benefits of using Ace AddOns AND getting them from WoWAce was the possibility to download the AddOns separate from the Libraries. The advantage isn’t just in file size, it’s also the best way to ensure you’re not suddenly having two AddOns having library version conflicts, like one loading an older instance of a library which doesn’t hold more recent or updated functions the other one would need.

This is therefore an appeal to the people in charge at WoWAce and Curse. You yourselves have extolled the virtues of nolib distributions, of disembedding the libraries from the individual packages. You have convinced us years ago because it made perfect sense, and you were right then. It still makes perfect sense today.

Please give us access to the bare packages without the libraries. Manually erasing 220 lib folders every update is just not viable.

Thank you kindly.

One of your enthusiastic end-users.

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