ChainTrap Takes on Blizzard Packaging Madness

Chaintrap recently ordered an authenticator with a paperback novel. Like many before him, he was wondering about the causes behind the quite steep shipping costs tied to the authenticator.

When he finally recieved his order, the packaging explained much. In this day and age, over-packaging should become as unfashionable as smoking. Chain Trap’s contribution, in form of a mail to Blizzard, is something you should absolutely read.

Call me a treehugger if you want to, but we’re way past the stage where we can continue to blissfully ignore the impact we’re having on the environment. While I’m not advocating going back to living in trees, it is nonetheless high time we start changing some of our habits, and asking of corporations that they do their part in this.

Reducing excessive packaging is but a small step, but it is also an easy one, which further should allow both corporations and customers to save money in the short or longer run. I’m with Chain Trap in this, and if you’re at all concerned by the matter, I encourage you to join the movement and drop off your own e-mail to raise the point with Blizzard.

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4 Responses to ChainTrap Takes on Blizzard Packaging Madness

  1. Joe (1 comments) says:

    Just FYI I ordered 3 authenticators last week and blizzard is not charging any shipping. They came very minimally packaged, three authenticators in a padded envelope.

    Not sure what happened to your friend there.

  2. wowblogger (3 comments) says:

    Save the whales! Just wanted to let you know that your blogroll page does not display correctly in my browser. The sidebar is forced below the blogroll. The same happened on my blog at WOW Blogger. I fixed it by lowering the size of the main div that houses your blogroll. Hope that helps!

  3. wowblogger (3 comments) says: *
    Mistyped it as usual in the OP comment :)

  4. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    @Joe the key question is where were you ordering it from and to where. I ordered mine in EU and paid triple its price in packaging.

    @wowblogger: thanks for the heads-up