Corruption in Wrath

Wrath Spoliers aheadAs quoted by MMO Champion, the almost-standard staple of warlock talent builds, putting 5 points into improved corruption to make the bloody spell instant, has been changed. Corruption becomes instant as a base spell, and the talent boosts its damage.

Further, Ruin will get swapped around with Devastation, and become a 5-point talent for the same effect, allowing people to include it in 51-point builds if they want to.

It’s about damn time, if you ask me. That being said, and still beeing the Blizzard cheerleading optimistic PR-Gobbler that I am, I am still really happy about that entire review philosophy they have for wrath to put stuff which has become must-have talents back into base abilities.

How well they will deliver on the promise to provide us with talent trees providing multiple and open choices remains to be seen, but I like the whole approach, even if they could have done this same exercise in 2006 already. But hey, better late than never (critics will of course counter with too little too late, but I wish them happiness in WAR).

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