This was bound to happen…

Bad things tend to happen when Steptoe and me try to get creative. To wit:

Indeed, we do have a tabard

… And as a quick survey of the armory showed afterwards, we’re so original there’s three other guilds in EU by that name.

Oh well.

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3 Responses to This was bound to happen…

  1. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    Other names in consideration included and

    The last one in tribute to Gwaendar’s old old GM

  2. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    they did not show up because I put the tags on them. At least We Took Stables. Undead and Kicking, and, It’s Not Rocket Surgery

  3. zupa (1 comments) says:

    I like it :) original or otherwise.