I’m Alive, Damnit!

Matticus writes about dead WoW Blogs. I’m not dead. I was on vacation, remember?

And since Steptoe actually suddenly reappeared, I’m also back in the game and made level 54 (first level in a month or so) on my mage. Funny thing, by the way. One month without playing and you need to relearn all of the controls. I had a similar feeling a bit before going on vacation while playing a couple of AVs on my paladin trying to get the Olympics pet (and failing because horde actually lost all 4 games I was in, go figure).

Mentioning Steptoe… You remember Steptoe the Warlock, right? He wasn’t just my 2007 arena buddy, he was also my willing accomplice throughout the first TBC year, my lieutenant who tried to keep me from failing to run a guild and then bolted off Ghostlands (EU) to other places where the grass wasn’t greener but the BG queues only took half a second.

Back in January, we were getting our arses handed to us in Season 3, and after a particularly embarrassing hilarious match during which we played so badly that a team of nekkid arena dancers could have beaten us, Steptoe cut short on our cheering and told me “BRB, going for a smoke” (yes, as a warlock he has some very filthy habits. Consorting with demons and tabagism are only the tip of the iceberg, believe me). And that was the last time I heard from him until he suddenly reappeared in the comments section here.

And on Dragonmaw EU, too. Only he apparently has seen the light or something, because Steptoe the Warlock has morphed into Steptoe the Priest.

I know what you’re thinking. From warlock to shadow priest, the only filthy habit being shed is the demon consorting because they sure do a lot of dabbling in the dark arts. And that would be a perfectly reasonable thought, since everyone + dog levels priest as a tenbraic disciple of unholiness.

Like me, you’d be perfectly wrong. My bloody contrarian buddy is levelling as…


I kid you not. He has embraced the Light as tightly as he was hugging the shadows before, and I suspect the only reason which prevented him from becoming a zealous paladin instead of a squishy robe-wearer was one year of playing together with the most rotten paladin role model you could have. Me. Oh, and the fact that he noticed I took about 4 times as long to kill anything at 70 than his warlock, but I digress.

Will there be an improbable but equally hilarious priest / mage 2v2 duo making a fool of itself to be formed at level 70? I doubt it, chances are that Wrath will be out before I make it to 70 on that mage. As a matter of fact, if the new and improved Wrath Paladin becomes easier to level that his Burning Predecessor, I’ll throw my previous prejudices in the wind and roll another one.

So if you’re suddenly looking forward to more tales of arena bungling on Altitis because Steptoe has finally finished his cigarette, you’ll be disappointed. Nonetheless, welcome back, buddy.

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4 Responses to I’m Alive, Damnit!

  1. megan (28 comments) says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    Good to hear your still alive.

  3. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    Steptoe also has a budding young tankadin. There is no taking the easy levelling spec on Dragonmaw!

  4. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    Also that was quite the welcome back :) Also I’ll pretend Megan and Galo’s comments were directed towards me too ;)