Early Healadin Reports: Holy Shock Becomes Viable

This post contents Wrath Beta SpoilersTo follow up on my previous post, via the EJ thread linking to it, someone wrote about his experiences group healing in the Wrath beta on the o-bards:

The Good – Holy shock and Infusion of Light
Holy cow, it looks good on paper, but man for 5 man healing, this is amazing. Literally amazing. My staple heal for small pulls was Holy shock. The 6 second cooldown feels right, and it was critting for me for roughly 4200. Hot. I saved people multiple times.

Now for the ‘power’ infusion. This changes everything completely. I had 28.5% holy crit and 34.5Holy Shock crit. It was critting a lot, and the power infusion gives you a full 15 seconds to decide when to use it. The beauty of instant holy light heals is just out of control. It will wreck raid healing in terms of cast time heals all landing after a Huge ol’ Holy Light. But for the 5 man, it is just sick.

It saved people who pulled threat multiple times, and the librarian boss did a fair share of aoe damage, and yet I didn’t feel like I was gonna be screwed for it. I was using Holy shock to top off the paladin, flash of light the small damage on the rogue/myself and just watching the warrior before blasting him with a max rank Holy light. For a while I was reluctant to use the instant IoL on a downranked HL, but the more comfortable I got with it the more I loved it.

Another amazing thing. You are going along, just flash spamming for small damage here and there. Lacing it with Holy shock on occasion, although I found this to be unnecessary unless they took a sudden huge hit. But if the Damage spikes FAST and you wanna quick way out, I found that popping Divine Favor, holy shocking the lowest person, then max ranking the next lowest person was a great way to not only heal for a lot (many times HL crit too so 12k healed in like 2 seconds), but this would get my lights grace fired up which would lead in to many consecutive max rank Holy lights to top people off.”

This pretty much confirms my previous theorycrafting about weaving HS into a healing rotation. Barring any bad surprises with the mana cost of the last two levels of Holy Shock (currently the last 3 levels are all at 650 mana which seems odd), it looks like there will be a lot more variety in healadin gameplay in Wrath. Gone are the day when they were mostly flashbots, but gone as well is the helplessness when things go South, Lay on Hands is on Cooldown and your only chance to avoid a wipe in the next 2.5 seconds is praying that the HL you’ve just started casting crits.

At the very least, it will make things a lot more interesting.

The same poster however has also some very bad experiences with Sheath of Light (bugged or bad implementation? Hope it isn’t final) and aggro management with Hand of Salvation instead of the old Blessing appears to be funky at best. If you want the full details, go read it for yourself here.

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