Blizzard Authenticator Warning: Only One Per Account

Just a quick heads-up here. I’ve now read on four separate sites that some people are ordering more than one Blizzard Authenticator for themselves, eg. if they play on a desktop computer and a laptop.

It doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. You can use one single Authenticator for several accounts, but not the other way around. Multiboxing? One authenticator for all your boxes is enough. WoW, Scarcraft2 on and the future diablo 3 accounts can all be protected with the same Authenticator. But you can’t have two authenticators protect the same account twice.

From the Authenticator FAQ:

Can I apply my Blizzard Authenticator to more than one account?

Yes! You’re welcome to associate a single Blizzard Authenticator to as many accounts as you like. Please remember that you must have that Authenticator with you to log in to any of these accounts afterwards.

Can I keep one Blizzard Authenticator at home and another at work, and have both associated to the same account?

No. Each account can have only one Blizzard Authenticator linked to it at a time, so you would need to carry the Authenticator with you to log in from different computers.

Hope that clarifies it.

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5 Responses to Blizzard Authenticator Warning: Only One Per Account

  1. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    Great if one covers multiple separate accounts, as i do have that on very separate PC’s.

  2. Trollin' (2 comments) says:

    Yeah, I was confused for a second because (and I have no idea where I got this idea) when I first heard about this I thought it was a USB device. Like, you had to have it plugged in to log-in. I’ve used programs like this before, so it wouldn’t be new to me. But since it’s just a code, it’s actually very flexible. It actually wouldn’t interfere at all if you wanted to let a friend log in or something, as long as you could call them and give them the code as they logged in.

  3. Naissa (1 comments) says:

    I wonder what happens/what you do if you lose/break or someone steals your authenticator? Hopefully blizzard has a system in place for this so that if something unfortunate happens to your authenticator, you’ll be able to be back and playing in no time.

  4. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    From the FAQ:
    What happens if I lose my Blizzard Authenticator? Do I lose the account it’s linked to?

    If you lose your Blizzard Authenticator, you will need to contact Blizzard’s billing and account services team for assistance. Our representatives will be able to assist you with regaining account access by verifying certain secure information with you.

    Will a Blizzard representative ever ask for my Blizzard Authenticator information?

    Yes. Blizzard may ask for the serial number on your Blizzard Authenticator, typically to help you associate it to an account or to verify your ownership of that Authenticator.

    What if my Blizzard Authenticator stops working or has a technical problem?

    Blizzard will have several support options available to assist you and ensure that the impact on your play experience is minimized in the event of a problem with your Authenticator. Please contact our billing and account services team for assistance if you have questions.

  5. ffxi gil (1 comments) says:

    If I need to have several accounts then I’d do that in several PCs.