Blizzard Buffing Seasonal Events

Until last Fall, I’ve always looked at WoW’s seasonal events as a bit of a waste of time, mainly because they only offered mostly cosmetic rewards.

Only the Lunar Festival initially had a specific boss, and one without a loot table. Fortunately, this changed with last years’ Hallow’s End and the introduction of the Headless Horseman, which had a loot table combining the fun / cosmetic and pretty useful stuff for level 70 characters for what was, essentially, a pretty trivial effort (more so since you could actually raid him).

After the addition of Lord Ahune to the Midsummer festival, it appears that the Brewfest will also feature an event-specific boss of its own.

Adding these event bosses not only provides a nice complement to the usual mix of food, fancy clothes and non-combat pets, they also drop some nice epic loot to extend the arsenal of the freshly minted level 70 player.

In short, a welcome addition, and I hope they’ll extend it to the other festivals still missing their own seasonal boss.

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2 Responses to Blizzard Buffing Seasonal Events

  1. Lassirra (3 comments) says:

    Some friends and I were discussing this very thing yesterday. The general consensus seemed to be that, until the Headless Horseman rolled around, everyone pretty much ignored seasonal events. The overriding feeling seemed to be that, while the events were pretty and a nice aesthetic addition to the game, they were relatively ineffectual in the course of regular game-play, and lacked any long-term incentive to participate, aside from vanity items.

    We all seemed to agree on the point that adding seasonal content with practical applications for every-day game-play was a really smart move on Blizzard’s part. The events add a nice break from the monotony of badge farming and daily quests, while still providing a constructive use of time by giving players access to loot tables that contain items that they can use in PvE/PvP activities long after the event is over.

    I’m glad Blizzard has decided to take in-game events in this direction. (I also enjoyed the “May Poll” buff: 10% increased experience from killing mobs while the buff is active–capped at 60 minutes.) I hope this is a trend they intend to continue for all subsequent events. :)

  2. Warcraft Macros (1 comments) says:

    These events are actually making the game fun and entertaining some what again for those of us who have pretty much cleared everything thru black temple and sunwell. The raiding grind was getting old again fast and i’m glad they decided to take some effort into these events.