Toon Midlife Crisis: Time for Some Space Opera

Despite the changes brought by patch 2.3, I’m still feeling the full force of the level 40-50 slowdown. This has always been the range where my motivation drops, and the only thing which has changed is that where previously it hit around 42-43, it now happens at 46-47.

X3 LogoSo while doing the necessary shopping to feed my family on Saturday, I picked up the apparently last copy of X3:Reunion which probably remained on the shelf forever.

X3:Reunion was released in 2005, so it isn’t exactly a new game. The plus side of course is that my current computer sporting a quad core CPU and a GeForce 8600 GTS graphic card (can’t believe this thing is outdated already) runs the game flawlessly at max settings, as opposed to Crysis for instance where I had to scale back the settings a bit.

Anyway, X3 plays in the X Universe, which I had discovered a couple of years ago playing X2: The Threat. So I wasn’t exactly taking a big risk. While my mage accumulates a bit of rest XP to speed up to 50 and the frostie, I’m treating myself to some good old fashioned space opera.

Screenshot from X3 ReunionIn X3, there’s a plotline which appears to be the least important aspect of the game. There’s about 150 star systems to explore, trade and fight in, over 230 different ships to use, and a pretty easy-to-use interface which doesn’t get in the way of fun most of the times (which was an issue on some space sims I played in the past).

The good thing with picking up a game like this three years after its release is of course that any bugs which might have been present initially have been patched out. For that matter, one of the oddities is that at max graphical settings, the in-game visuals are better than the couple of movies inserted throughout the plot.

I plan to be playing in outer space for a couple of days before getting back to leveling my toon to 50 and beyond.

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