State of Altitis: May 2008 Edition

After toying around with another Shaman a month ago, I moved around again, and joined up with my pre-TBC GM (and former healadin role-model) on a PvP server. I was tempted to make a third shammie there (since I obviously couldn’t PCT my level 43 orc over, on account of her being on a PvE server and stuff), but matter of fact, until level 30-40, playing with the best blue 2H money can buy speeds up stuff tremendously – provided you actually have said money.

So I made myself a little mage, simply because I wanted to favour speed over anything else.

It’s actually only my 3rd mage, and she dinged 32 last night, catching up on my other highest mage toon. When leveling a mage, the best thing to do is listen to the advice of experts, and one of the most thorough and actual resources on mage leveling talents happens to be Euripedes’ post on the matter. I went fire to level 28 then respecced to frost, simply because I got fed up with losing 6 seconds worth of casting time on pyro while my target moved out of range.

That being said, frost is wicked fun in a can’t touch this sense. Only water-elementals need adjusting, since they aren’t exactly too worried about frostbolts and freezing. Can’t have it all, I guess.

Free food, free drinks and portals remain, as ever, some of the major fringe benefits of the class. Of course, there are a couple of annoyances, in particular the fact that drinks are hopelessly underscaled, even when you get the next higher rank. At the rate my int is rising, I’m now starting to worry that I’ll need not two but three consecutive drinks to refill my mana bar come level 39.

That being said, you don’t complain about free lunch and free beer, and considering the ridiculous leveling speed I’ve enjoyed with the toon so far, spending longer sitting every 6-7 pulls still makes this the fastest leveler I’ve played in the game.

The new server, Dragonmaw, has a totally mental economy. I went with plucking and skinning, and just selling what I gather plus whatever I don’t need, I made about 300g in 30 levels. Without a single moment spent playing the AH trading game. That’s definitely a first for me.

On the other hand, from level 10 to 29, there’s no greens to buy below 3-4g at all. Still, the net result is that I’m holding a bit over 200g in cash at present, and rising.

Leveling as horde on a PvP server these days is bound to be vastly different from what it was pre-TBC. I’ve had exactly one encounter of the gank type so far, while I was fighting some mountain lions near Tarren Mill. A hunter 4 levels above me decided he wanted to see me dead. Which didn’t happen, I simply cut and ran, and thanks to frost nova, blink and mana shield, bravely retreated behind the safety of Tarren Mill guards. I probably should have named the toon Sir Robin or something.

The other handful of encounters with red alliance toons were the typical type of standoffs where everyone is more or less at the same level: we glared at each other from afar, and made sure nobody would sneeze and provoke a blood bath.

I’m actually looking forward to my next sessions, as they will send me to Grom’Gol and allegedly still gank-happy STV. After all, where’s the fun in being on a PvP server and playing as if you were on PvE?

The new GM dragged me and another guildie’s alt through SM lib yesterday, I got a Hypnotic Blade and Mantle of Doan for a mere 15 minutes (including running to the monastery in the first place). Not too shabby.

As you see, my altitis is still alive and well, carrying me from class to class and server to server. Still no intention of leveling a priest, though :)

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One Response to State of Altitis: May 2008 Edition

  1. Solidstate (15 comments) says:

    > I got a Hypnotic Blade and Mantle of Doan for a mere 15 minutes

    A friend of mine who is a level 70 Paladin boosted me in SM. My Boomkin got a whole crapload of green and grey items which I mostly vendored, but the Hypnotic Blade and Mantle of Doan which dropped were a sweet bonus to the money and XP I got from the run, and just as usable for a leveling Moonkin as they are for a leveling mage :)