Full Tokenization of Dungeon Drops Idea Spreading

In the wake of Tobold’s latest thoughts on providing more incentives to guild loyalty, fellow blogger PΘtshΘt came up with quite similar ideas I’ve been putting forward, to remove the impact of sheer luck from instance drops and replace the loot tables with token drops.

While our basic premise is similar – getting tokens in an instance which you can also redeem towards the next progression step, he actually thinks the system through the whole way. I’ve kept narrowly focusing on raid drops only (a nice example of tunnel vision with all that PvE / arena talk), PΘtshΘt extends it to all instances.

I’m always glad to see similar ideas crop up independently from each other, and I’m convinced, with PΘtshΘt, that this would get a long way to fix part of the current PvE woes.

You can read the whole thing developed and articulated properly

BTW, how the heck do you pronounce P-Th-T-Sh-Th-T? ;)

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