The Quest for Precise Damage Metering: Almost There

Numbers, numbers, numbers. That’s all Damage Meter addons are about. Getting those as close to what your server knows you have dealt is the big challenge, and the Eldorado promised by patch 2.4 is getting closer by the day.

To wit: I logged onto the Paladin to do some Shattered Sun dailies. On a whim, seeing I had both Violation and Recount active, I also turned on Loggerhead, and recorded my session.

As long as I kept bombing the dead scar, all three measurement tools fully agreed with each other. However, when my little loladin went back to do ground-based demon cleansing, differences started to appear.

Here are the relevant screenies with the numbers:

Recount and Violation

Recount: 1’631’418

Violation: 1’638’861

WWS: 1’632’022

WWS Summary

One thing to note regarding WWS, it appears to be counting the self-inflicted damage of my seal / judgement of blood as part of my total damage output:

Complete WWS Breakdown

Compare this to Recount’s damage records for Seal / Judgement of Blood:

Skill usage recorded by Recount

Now the interesting part is that if you add the self-inflicted portion of Blood to Recount’s total damage dealt, you end up with 1’638’810, a mere 51 points off Violation numbers, and that, IMO, explains the differences. Violation, too, counts self-inflicted Blood damage as part of your personal damage output.

But wait, it gets better. If we manually add up every line in the WWS detail report, the total actually reads 1’639’465. If you look at that breakdown, you’ll notice one oddity right at the bottom: 604 damage attributed to Mana Tap. That’s a fluke, mana Tap doesn’t deal damage, it drains mana. Remove this fluke and total damage dealt, including self-inflicted, according to WWS is… 1’638’861.

In summary:

  • WWS and Violation gather the exact same numbers
  • WWS currently needs some manual tweaking in order to exclude flukes
  • Recount is only off the other two by a blood elf’s hair

All three surveyed metering methods really do end up very close to each other. If we remove the bombing run from the numbers, after tweaking, Recount records 137’342 damage, WWS and Violation 137’393. The discrepancy is 0.03%. That’s tiny, and a testimonial to the huge amount of work put up by the three dev teams on patch 2.4 data.

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3 Responses to The Quest for Precise Damage Metering: Almost There

  1. Asirae (3 comments) says:

    Awesome work. I tried to compare WWS & Recap, but looks like I’ll be getting Violation soon.

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  3. Elsia (3 comments) says:

    Thanks for the tests again. Recount indeed distinguishes between what it calls “damage” and “friendly fire”. Damage done to a friendly target will not be counted towards total damage but rather is send to the friendly fire display. Hence the damage difference between WWS/Violation and Recount should show up there.