WordPress 2.5, and Ding! 250 posts

So WordPress 2.5 is out since last night, and Altitis just successfully upgraded to the new codebase. No major snags, all went well.

If you experience any issues, let me know.

I’ll also take the opportunity to mention that with my previous post, we passed the 250 mark, and just recently, I also wrote my 100’000th word on this blog.

Instead of reminiscing at this present stage, I’ll simply postpone that activity to the 300th post and stop for now. Thank you all for your continued interest and readership, I should be back to a more regular posting schedule soonish.

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One Response to WordPress 2.5, and Ding! 250 posts

  1. Softi (7 comments) says:

    I haven’t upgraded yet… waiting until there are no kidlets awake to “help” me >_< I hope it goes as smothly for me as it’s gone for you! :P