Back to the Roots

My playing blues isn’t really over, and I found myself counting options last night. At that point I remembered that the one part of the casual game I hadn’t explored yet was the Draenei content – while I took a warrior to level 10 previously, I haven’t done much else in the two new (well not so new anymore, come to think of it) zones.

The Doomhammer guild I had joined with Steptoe last fall after PCTing out of Ghostlands looks like a bloody alt reservoir, and I haven’t really been all that active on that server, meaning I don’t know anyone. Leveling on Ghostlands before getting the hell out of dodge did have an advantage, there were plenty of people I had run with throughout the long process so beyond my guild, there was a loose social network I could call upon.

I don’t have that on Doomhammer, and without a guild, having that network would have been useful. I’m also pretty bored with my paladin right now, so working as a tank-for-hire like Galo did with a lot of success isn’t something I’m willing to do at the moment.

So I finally just changed my server selection, popped onto my old pre-TBC warlock, waved hello to the guildmates of old, then got my level 6 draenei shaman out of cold storage and ginvited. And you know, there’s definitely something special about that place. That guild was the result of a successful merger which took place in December 2005 to avoid, for both merging guilds, that friends who had leveled together would scatter all over the server. Returning last night immediately put me back in touch with people I knew more or less since I started playing – All the way back to questing out of Auberdine on my first alliance toon. There’s also many familiar names I had raided with in ZG, AQ20 and MC who said hello, and somehow, it felt like a homecoming.

How long will I stay? I don’t know. I’m not really playing much these days anyway, but for the time being, I’ll be playing on Draenor EU for a while. Social interaction is, in the end, part of the reasons to play an MMO in the first place, and I hadn’t been getting much of that recently. We’ll see where it leads me.

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  1. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    I’m still lurking around here :) I should be back in a couple o weeks, Still heavily laden but the future looks a bit brighter time wise than it did a couple of weeks ago.