While I Wasn’t Looking, Guild Drama or Something

I’m currently still in low-playing-time mode, and whenever I actually squeeze some time to log on, I play on the shaman. Which I never got around to joining my current horde guild, initially because no officer was on when I PCTed her onto Doomhammer, and later because I didn’t really bother looking for anyone with /ginvite.

I do keep an eye on the guild forums from time to time, though, and to my surprise, I learn that the GM has left the guild and handed the key to one of the officers.

To everyone expecting a Foton-grade Drama retelling, you can stop reading right now, because I have no frigging clue what happened.

Thing is, when I got recruited there, it was on my then-main level 70 pallie, and the now-departed GM invited me with the full knowledge that I was a casual player and only available to join Kara as a replacement for an “early” leaver – early being 11pm server time in that case.

I obviously have no similar understanding with the new management, but from the tone of their introductory post (and what had been going on during the last times I was on), the guild appears to be trying to focus on raiding in order to forge an identity and cohesion.

Needless to say, a proper raiding guild has little room for a player like me. It is even possible that I have been let go from the roster since I last logged onto the paladin, which was already 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Since my good old 2007 buddy Steptoe appears to have vanished from the surface of the planet too, undoubtedly eaten up by a grue or at least by Realifitis, it’s probably time to start shopping around for a casual-friendly guild one of these days. There’s bound to be a fitting match out there. Somewhere.

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