Random thoughts on Welfare and Patch 2.4

With reliable predictability, the 2.4 test patch notes brought a new round of QQing on the topic of loot distribution.

The debate has, however, not evolved at all since last time, and the same cheap shots get thrown around. As usual, of course, it’s a tiny but vocal fringe of hardcore PvE players doing all the complaining.

From what I’ve skimmed through, while buying PvP kit through PvE tokens is certainly a good move to allow players more versatile gearing options (and plugging some PvE itemization gaps), I notice that from what I could see so far the insignia trinket which is claimed to be necessary for Archimonde seems not to be on the list, an oversight in my opinion. I have no issues with raiders loathing PvP getting access to the gear they need for raiding through pvE only.

I did entertain myself quite a bit with the thought of just how much more uproar there would be if Blizzard had actually announced they would make things equal for both progression paths and allowed the purchase of PvE gear through Marks of Honour.

That being said, and to reiterate some of my former points, to raiders who keep complaining that arena and BG siphon players away from their raids or that they get PvP-geared people performing subpar in PvE content, my message is the following:

If you have these issues, it isn’t PvP which sucks. Chances are, it’s your raiding. Your guild’s organization, the lack of motivation, the lack of progress, are most probably all to blame to a certain extent.

If you recruit DPSers in S2-S3 gear who output 500DPS on boss fights in SSC / TK (warning, theorycraft, these numbers are based on hearsay from me, I don’t raid this kind of content and never will myself, end of the disclaimer), it’s both your recruitment and your class leadership at fault, not PvP. These players obviously do not perform how they should, so you should either not recruit them in the first place, or educate them how to do much better. If you leave your raiders with an “anything goes” mentality, your progress will stall, motivation will be low, and your guild reputation will, accordingly, drop. Which means you will have trouble recruiting anyone but these very PvP-geared dregs who have no clue how to perform in PvE.

Demand more from your players and create an overall climate where your raiders strive for excellence, do not tolerate slacking. Do not take players who aren’t making the effort to adapt to your current progression level in that 25th spot, don’t piggyback them through content. Although it may sound frustrating, you would be better off 24-manning easier content for shards (and plugging some small equipment gaps), or even canceling for lack of raid-ready attendance rather than giving even one player the impression that it isn’t a big deal that he’s slacking in gear or in gameplay (but do advise them and train them on what you want them to do).

Arena teams striving for high ratings recruit based on resilience score and won’t take undergeared people. Why would you tolerate players joining your raids while being far from the hit cap, or missing 500 +healing for the content you are tackling?

The top guilds are very demanding but their players are highly motivated. If you don’t foster a culture of excellence your raiders won’t be motivated to surpass themselves.

And this has very little to do with PvP gear, I’m afraid.

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One Response to Random thoughts on Welfare and Patch 2.4

  1. Flaime (4 comments) says:

    The problem is in raid design…Currently, it requires a hardcore raiding guild to reach 25-man endgame content. This is a design flaw, as the vast majority of WoW players do not have 40 hours to devote to WoW. Hardcore raiding saps all the fun out of what is supposed to be a game.

    PvP has similar problems, in that it isn’t fun but for a very tiny minority of players. And, changes Blizzard makes to balance PvP are devestating to some classes in PvE (druids, shamans). They either need to rebalance all classes and spec to be balanced in PvP then rebalance the rest of the game to make those same classes and specs all viable in PvE, or they need to concentrate on PvE (which is the core of the game) and tell the PvPers to qq more. And 2v2 Arenas should simply be eliminated. The changes required to balance all classes for 2v2 would be SO disruptive as to destroy the game in its entirety.