Good Grief, Get a Grip!

Another raider is getting all huffy about the use of the same models for arena and tiered sets. Arena gear deprives them of the recognition they deserve for their great accomplishments in the raiding space.

The following bears saying from time to time:

Dear fellow gamer,

You are playing a MMOG. Your accomplishments are something you do for your own sake, for your own enjoyment and for your own pleasure. And yes, sometimes it will garner you some recognition of other players.

You want to be admired for what you did? Log off. Go outside. Start changing the lives of people around you. Feed the hungry. Cure the sick. Tend to the lonely, the outcasts, the misfits. Exchange a helping hand where it is needed. Unify the theory of relativity and the quantic space. Invent a cheap and clean source of energy. Become a recognized adventurer. Help end conflicts, whether it is in your neighborhood or abroad. Create artwork which questions and soothes the mind. Become a figure of hope for people looking up to you, because you keep selflessly striving, on whatever social scale most fit to your means and talents, to better mankind or improve the fate of your peers, in small ways or big ways.

Respect and admiration is won in the real world. In the grand scheme of things, killing Illidan (or having 2600 arena ratings) means nothing at all. You changed nobody’s life. In the long run, you will just make yourself miserable because you are feeding your misplaced sense of entitlement by thinking otherwise.

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5 Responses to Good Grief, Get a Grip!

  1. TJ (2 comments) says:

    Oooh the just a game vs. what counts in real life thing. Always a tough issue, especially for MMO players.

    The game means a lot to some people, for all kinds of reasons. Accomplishments, or things that make individual people -feel- accomplished are pretty personal. While the things you listed are obviously very worthwhile goals, I can understand someone wanting a little more recognition for an accomplishment that was important to them, personally.

  2. Kestrel (18 comments) says:

    That’s a good point, TJ…but to support what Altitis is saying, the Inspect function has been improved considerably, and twice in the last year, from what it once was.

    Frankly, 90% of the players in the game (give or take a few–i.e., those who don’t raid or do arenas/BG’s most of the time) have no clue what Raid gear looks like compared to Arena gear. Mostly it’s ostentatious and some of it is colored differently from others.

  3. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    That the game means a lot to the players, myself included, is clear. Should you feel proud when you reach goals you set yourself in the game? Absolutely. But believing in-game accomplishments are due respect and admiration from others is where some people start losing touch.
    It may be a game which captures our attention for dozens of hours a week, but in the end, killing Illidan changes nothing at all for the world.

    As for gear looks, as far as I’m concerned, I play the game so far zoomed out I barely identify races :)

  4. slux (1 comments) says:

    Well I guess the same could be said about achievements in sports, personal wealth etc. Some people really do check the gear and are impressed. The raiders know this because they have done it themselves.

    Not that I see it as a proper argument here. In my opinion the two should still have separate graphics because they are completely different things from completely different places and I dislike reusing models pretty much everywhere.

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