A pointless nerf?

As seen on Mania’s Arcania, Blizzard applied a hotfix preventing taming of the Ghost Wolf in the future, and reversing their previous stance on the matter.

Apparently they spent hours agonizing over this and decided to pull the plug (while at least allowing people who already tamed theirs to keep it).

I’m all for cutting Blizzard a lot of slack in terms of game balancing and adjustments, but this hotfix is useless, pointless and petty.

Here you have some ingenious players going out of their way to tweak taming mechanisms to the extreme and getting the last second out of the process in an original and ingenious way. They’re pushing several of the game’s features to the limit, and as a reward get a unique pet. The Ghost Wolf was the mark of the most dedicated pet collectors out there, a trophy showing the world that here was a hunter willing to go not one, not two, but a good hundred extra miles for a pet.

I don’t see how keeping this in the game would have had any negative impact whatsoever, even on the micro scale, on the environment. Spending several “design discussions” on this matter and ultimately removing it is not just petty but most certainly wasted time. To answer my own question: yes, it is an utterly pointless nerf.

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