Missing another Blogging Milestone, 150th Post

Time flies. I just realized that, just as I had missed my 100th post, I also missed “Expert blogging” (sounds great, doesn’t it?) and my 150th post as well.

So, two posts late, I will again take the time to look back and see where this little writing experiment is going since last time:

  • If anything, my paladin focus has deepened. Which has a couple of reasons, one of them being that my playtime has been shortened another bit, while I’m still focusing on improving my gear. The only alt I’m leveling these days is a new mage
  • I didn’t really say anything, but I never completed my recode of my old armory crawler. Looks like that project will remain in cold storage, there’s enough other resources around these days anyway.
  • My various explorations of the changes in /stopcasting and the Global Cooldown before patch 2.3 was relayed by wowinsider, which generated a lot of traffic. This wasn’t to be Altitis’ record, however: a couple of days later, the article was linked on Elitist Jerks, which generated just over 1’000 visits in one day, something I would never have dreamt of achieving
  • Altitis moved from Blogger to WordPress, at a point in time where several other wow bloggers did the same
  • I did a lot of ranting, from Nerf Calling to the whole Welfare Epics debate.
  • My AddOn reviews focussed on a couple of small but extremely useful tools instead of rather large, multipurpose ones.

Finally, in about two months, from 25 subscribers you are now 120 getting Altitis through its newsfeed.

As last time around, I don’t have much more clues where this journey will take me further, but as is customary in such cases, if you have any input on the kind of stuff you want to read more of, or definitely less of, don’t hesitate to post a comment here.

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3 Responses to Missing another Blogging Milestone, 150th Post

  1. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    127 readers by my count :P

  2. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    Gratz on 150 post. They do go by quickly over time.

    I have no idea how many readers I have. I know I have a feed but I can’t say I’ve ever looked at it. I just do this for fun so checking to see my numbers is not something I’ve ever worried about.

  3. One Among Many (8 comments) says:

    Nice new pad ya got here. Needs a little furniture…maybe some artwork and you’ll do just fine.

    It would seem the masses are coming to wordpress. While i dont have any plans for this I’m glad you’ve found happiness with it!

    I spent a few hours today going through blogs – yours was one of many to pop up. Thought id say hello and keep up the great writing!