Welcome to Altitis’ new home

As announced previously, I have now completed my move. Welcome to Altitis’ new home. I hope everything went right in the process and nobody got lost.

Blogspot was a great platform for a newbie blogger when I started Altitis, and easy of use was definitely one of its strong points. As I grew more experienced, though, some of the quirks and limitations became apparent and made themselves a (minor nuisance).

However, as Kestrel noted on his own blog, a recent change implemented by Blogger now denies people not commenting from a BloggerID the possibility to link their own blogs to their name. This is a bad thing.  In one of the comments, Temerity Jane expressed very clearly why this was contrary to the philosophy of blogging in general, and this resonated to my own thoughts on the matter – except she said it way better than I ever could.

In short, blogging is about the free and open exchange and circulation of ideas, discussion  and debates. Building chinese walls and artificial barriers to this exchange around one single platform goes in the way of the kind of communication which is central to the very notion of blogging.

These barriers wall out other bloggers but also wall in their own users, and it’s definitely a step into the wrong direction. Hence the move to the new host.

Now some of you will ask, what the heck is this treehuggers.info domain I’m hosted on. Well, the Treehuggers was the very first guild I joined in WoW (guess the faction and race of my toon…), back in June 2005. When the guild needed a web forum, I volunteered for the job, and eventually purchased domain and hosting space. The original guild  later merged with another guild in order to tackle endgame content (one of the few satisfying and successful guild mergers I’ve lived through), forming ST Syndicate, which I also hosted. Since then, some splinter guilds have popped up and died again, and currently the domain is only used for ST Syndicate’s fora. Which leaves plenty of free space and bandwidth for the blog.

So let me extend to you a very warm welcome to the second iteration of Altitis. So far, most of the things you were able to find on the old platform are available here in a similar fashion. New, for your convenience, is a separate syndication feed for the comments.

I hope you will like the new Altitis. If anything did go wrong, please let me know.

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16 Responses to Welcome to Altitis’ new home

  1. Game Dame (7 comments) says:

    Hi Gwaendar, thanks for the shammy blog tips! I’ve got them on my RSS reader now. Nice new digs over here at WordPress. I’m adding you to my blogroll to help guide the lost during bumps in the transition. One question: how did you get the cool “digg this” and del.icio.us links at the bottom of your post? I can’t figure out how to do that on mine.

  2. Leiandra (7 comments) says:

    Yeah! I can finally comment on your blog again from work! (Stupid corporate firewalls!) Gratz on the move. I really should get off my lazy butt and do the same thing. Well… one day. :)

  3. Kestrel (18 comments) says:

    Hello Gwaendar and congrats on the successful move. Nice layout, and great domain name!

    (I was tempted to go with the .info TLD as well, but decided that might be a bit presumptuous. So, the .us won out (it was cheaper :p).)

  4. Kestrel (18 comments) says:

    @ Leiandra: Takes about 15 minutes. ;)

  5. Someone (31 comments) says:

    Welcome (back). I’m here to pester, uh, lend a hand, if you need!… :)

  6. WyldKard (6 comments) says:

    Grats on the move.

    FYI, for those of you that care, you can still link non-Blogger blogs from one’s Blogger profile. In other words, it’s a fairly simple ordeal to create a quick Blogger account just to post on Blogger blogs, and still get a link back to one’s own site.

  7. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    @GameDame: the digg / del.icio.us links are generated through Feedburner. You can add them to your syndication feed, however in order to add them to your pages you’ll need to have access to your template.

    @Leiandra, Kestrel: thanks for the kind words. Yes, the move itself is pretty quick. If you’re self-hosting, the biggest part is getting your template up, customizing, arranging the various things and extras you may be using. Importing from blogspot is three clicks and took less than a minute, including legacy comments.

    @Someone: If I had noone to be arguing with, I could just as well type into a text editor. Do pester on :)

    @WyldKard: Yes it’s simple but it forces registration with Blogger onto people. I don’t like that, it’s one extra hoop people have to get through.

  8. Someone (31 comments) says:

    Re: that blogger comment issue. Check <a href=”http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/2007/11/new-feature-openid-commenting.html”this post on how it works now but in short, you can still have your WP blog linked when you comment…

  9. Someone (31 comments) says:

    Damn! Missed the close tag on previous comment! Please delete my previous comment, ok?

    Re: that blogger comment issue. Check this post on how it works now but in short, you can still have your WP blog linked when you comment…

  10. Someone (31 comments) says:

    “Yes it’s simple but it forces registration with Blogger onto people. I don’t like that, it’s one extra hoop people have to get through.”

    No it doesn’t. You can still allow anonymous comments, only need to register and associate your WP/LiveJournal blog address if you want readers of that comment to click to get on your site.

    I think it’s a smart and valid move: it doesn’t prevent bloggers from other major blog engines to be “clickable”, while at the same time it no longer allows some of the un-authenticated spam which sometimes escapes the word verifications.

    I think it’s a fair compromise. It’s sad that it’s needed, but that’s what one could say about many other things from Anti-virus to Firewalls to even keys and locks: we’d love NOT to have to use them, but if we try, we’re doomed! Unfortunately, many such moves come from that 5% or less of individuals who mis-behave and thus force others to create rules to counter that and protect the others…

  11. Matticus (15 comments) says:

    Nice place you got here, Gwaendar. Is this the final look or should we expect something more… festive?

    Regarding the whole blogger profiling thing, yes it’s something I had to resort to. A lot of blogs that I was reading did not have the “Allow Anonymous Posting” feature enabled. Initially I was way too lazy to comment and reply. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of it. Then I remembered Blogger was owned by Google and I had a Google account. 10 precious minutes later, I could now comment and such. Another 5 minutes was spent throwing a quick post and “profile blog” together so that people who clicked my profile could go to my real home.

    Still a pain in the ass, however.

  12. galadria (1 comments) says:

    Grats on the move! Welcome to WordPress :-)

  13. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    @someone: Since I didn’t have it clear in mind, I registered a new account and did the whole exercise.

    If you want to link your website, you have to:
    1. Create a google account
    2. Expand it to blogger profile
    3. Add in your blog’s URL
    4. Then still subject yourself to the word verification

    It’s not userfriendly. Much things have been done in the past six years in the name of security, as a result, flying from a major airport is also a major pain in the arse nowadays. Even the merest hint of less and less credible threats make security controls longer and more drastic. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when a smartass makes up a credible terror warning involving underwear and we’ll all have to fly in the nuddy.
    It’s of a similar vein here. Blogger has word verification. Gmail has quite efficient spam filters on its own. Additional barriers to communication become a hindrance to speech.

  14. Ess (2 comments) says:

    Looks like a successful move! Everything looks great. :)

    I moved for the same reason, and am currently dinking with all the new options with WordPress. So far, so good.

  15. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    Gratz on the move. Hope your enjoying the new space :)

    Updated the link.

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