First 3v3 Impressions

Last night was the first time our brand new trio of Warlock, Mage and Paladin convened together for 3v3. We didn’t harbour any expectations towards ratings, the only objective was to get used to the format and each other a bit.

We played 16 games, 10 losses to 6 wins.  We went down as low as 1430 and back up to 1470 for a bit, before getting back to 1440, final rating for the night.

3v3 is hectic compared to 2v2. For a healer, having a second (third if you count Steptoe’s minion) target to heal while trying to escape enemy CC is quite a bit more complicated than the lower format, range becoming a big issue at times.

All things considered, we’re pretty satisfied about the way the games have gone. Druid-based teams present our biggest headache at the present time, and I suspect this ain’t going to change for a while. BM hunters are also troublesome, at least these who know how to play to their strengths. Other class matchups we can probably learn to beat.

A fun start, to be sure. Looking forward for the next opportunities for improvement.

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