How to solve the issue about PvP purplez

So the raiders are in full QQ mode again about those welfare epics, and that epics aren’t epic anymore if anyone can get them (I remember some of those same raiders having absolutely zero issues selling BWL spots for gold while raiding Naxx and handing out T2 to people who wouldn’t have to put any efforts in them, but that’s another point). A much longer post on this will eventually get fully formed, but in the meantime, two simple solutions:

  • For the people who get irked that S3 uses the same models than T6, think about making arena gear separate the same way as level 60 BG kit was using different models.
  • For the people moaning about epics not being epics, replace the purple by another colour and call the gear class simply something different.

That way the purplez remain purplez, and the PvP stuff becomes, dunno, crimson. There, 40% of the QQers now have to come up with a smarter argument. 2/5ths of the problem solved.

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