First Heroics

Last night, in the middle of WSG, our esteemed GM suddenly asks if I can replace her in heroic Ramparts, as she has to leave. Despite knowing that my gear is slightly sub-par for heroics (sitting on +1173 healing with talents), I decided to join, since the tank was one of our guildies, a fine bear if I ever saw one.

So we swap roles, and my guildmate informs me in a couple of blunt terms that the PUG isn’t doing well for lack of DPS.
When I reach them, they are sitting at the beginning of the curve leading up to the first boss’ patrol area. The druid had already informed that they had been in there for an hour, basically just cleaning trash. With my gear being several notches worse than our GM’s, this was going to be a costly experience.

And it was. If you haven’t tried out any heroics yet, let me describe it to you. Stuff hits hard. And I realy mean it. Your average trash mob can two-shot a clothie, and a string of unlucky crits can kill a well-geared tank in 6 hits tops. Crowd control is of course essential, as is dealing enough DPS before everyone runs out of mana. With my own gear, having a second healer to care about splash / AoE damage and some times tossing a Greater Heal on the tank wasn’t a luxury, it was almost mandatory.

That PUG had more or less decent CC (resists are an issue here BTW, contrary to normal instances), but was severely gimped in the DPS department. Just clearing to the first boss cost us two wipes, and then we wiped 4 times on the boss. The rest of the group called it quits, so the drood and me rounded up two more guildes, took a much better geared shammie and went back to business.

Killed the first boss, wiped some while clearing upstairs (“chain fear, man!” “I’m trying, they resist, dammit!”), clean kill of the second boss, and then we tried Vazruden thrice before calling it. Or at least the shammie and me did (the rest wanted another go). Gear, mine in particuliar, was the limit, I simply couldn’t heal the tank through all the damage. All in all, a costly but interesting experience. I got the Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons off Omor and am now holding my first two Badges of Justice .

Oh, and there’s this gem from the first group. Priceless.

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4 Responses to First Heroics

  1. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    We replaced yourself and the sham wth a mage and a priest to heal, By the time we had gotten them a few groups of trash had respawned, But we cleared them and the final boss with no deaths :)

    Nice drops but not what the people there were looking for and nothing for casters.

  2. Someone (31 comments) says:

    I thought there was this rule implemented where, if you switch players in an Heroic, you can no longer loot the chests or something?

  3. Adventsparky (84 comments) says:

    Well we didn’t loot any of the normal chests (no rogue or key)

    Maybe it’s different for this one as the boss himself doesn’t have the drops? Who knows

  4. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    Wellcome to Heroics!

    As you know I’m a Tank and a very decent geared on for gear. I never ventured to do my first Heroic as a Protect Paladin untill I had 485 Defense. Even when friends insisted I declined to do Heroics and I did have good gear by then. I was at least Revered/Exalted with almost all the main factions with actual Heroic keys and faction reward gear as a result of taking the time to really get prepared gear wise.

    Now when I did my first Heroic I my gear was more than good enough having taking the time to prepare that I actually has to down grade my gear a bit and switch to Heroic gear. Very good gear. But you know when I as the tank stepped into my first Heroic and took them first set of hit on over 14k Armor I was still taking hits average from 3-7k been hit like a asteroid on impact. I felt all those hits. As the tank I was prepared in my gear, my healer was not prepared in his gear nor was his reaction fast enough to anticipate the damage load I was taking. Nothing was wrong with my gear, it was just due to the fact that Heroics hit super hard and if your a Clothy and you pull aggro count your self maybe 2 hits if that to your death.

    Everyone needs to be prepared in Heroics. Everyone needs to have at least decent gear from doing regular 5 man instance for their class. Need to have damn good healers in Heroic on the tank or its a easy wipe. You need very good DPS or you healer healing the tank will run out of mana. 2 times on Heroic Mech as I was tanking I watched my Healer run flat out of mana as DPS was low and I as the tank was soaking damage and died eventually as healer ran out of mana.

    At the end of that Mech run my complete repair bill for my Plate Armor damage was about 25g. That hurts. People need to realize Heroics are no joke and you need to be prepared in gear as well as the instance. For each person that unprepared in gear or skill for Heroics increases the possibility of frequent wipes and massive repair bills to everyone else and ungodly repair bills to the tank.

    So now I have a rule for Heroics. Unless I know the healer and at least one the DPS I’m not running any random Heroics. Its suicide and I sure dont need escalated repair bills from all the now undergeared people in Heroics as a results of the lower requirements for Heroics.