Addons in Review: ErrorMonster’s Little Helping Hand

From the author of ClosetGnome one will find three little Addons which are among the most simple things, and with all simple things, it took a smart person to think about making them. Today we will have a quick look at ErrorMonster (Rabbit, the author, appears to have a little fondness for familiar critters).
As I said, ErrorMonster is a small little AddOn which redirects the player-generated error messages to other places than the upper middle of your screen.

Errormonster 1

Let me clarify immediately, contrary to what I initially thought, this isn’t intercepting add-on error messages (BugGrabber for instance does that for you), it’s all those “spell not ready”, “ability not ready” and other similar annoyances.What’s the purpose? Well, depending on how broad your attention span is (mine being pretty narrow, both as a healer and because of being a bit dense), you might prefer having those errors at a place where you have your eyes glued to, especially if you desactivated the error speech (which I did, I was getting mad after a while).

Errormonster 2

Using some very simple configs, as shown in the two above screenshots (that’s the commands rendered in a RockConfig GUI, which is my default these days), you can select how many of those messages out of a couple of preselections you want to redirect to your chat window, or a combat text scroller, or raid warning, or a couple of others. There are a few preset groups for the type and amount of messages to redirect, and you always retain the ability to add more.ErrorMonster 3The final screenshot shows one of those annoying messages now simply sitting in my chat frame, one of the places I pay more attention to.

In Summary, there’s nothing fancy or extravagant about ErrorMonster. It’s a small little Ace2-based AddOn which redirects in-game player error messages to wherever you want them. It gets the job done with simplicity and the elegance born out of efficiency. If you are into optimizing your screen output, you should definitely consider adding it to your collection, together with the two other tools up for review next this week, so stay tuned for more practical goodness for your UI.

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5 Responses to Addons in Review: ErrorMonster’s Little Helping Hand

  1. Someone (31 comments) says:

    Looks like one more add-on to add to the list I use! Thks for sharing the info!

  2. Karthis (15 comments) says:


    I love you for this one!

  3. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    All credit goes to Rabbit himself who was kind enough to point me to this little gem

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