Addons in Review: ClosetGnome and ClosetGnome Banker

ClosetGnome is a gear-swapper addon, a descendant of the venerable ItemRack and its consort. Some classes have little to no use for such tools, but those among us who have to juggle with 3 or 4 gear sets to accomplish anything in this game will find this extremely useful.

ClosetGnome is an Ace2-based add-on written by Rabbit, and will go rest very nicely on your FuBar, showing the currently active equipment set.
The Author will state that it is a beta, I’ve found it useable without any major quirks for a long time.
ClosetGnome SetupBasically, ClosetGnome allows you to define gear sets, name them, and then switch either through a menu selection or a hotkey. The gear sets are defined on the paper doll, and you can also define slots to be ignored by the operations (like my shirt and tabard in the screenshot to the left). Name your set, and there you go. Updating a set is done very simply by overwriting an existing one – you can actually either change the individual gear pieces in the paper doll or you can simply add a new gear set while wearing your new kit and save it under the old name. Simple but efficient.

Once you’re done, you can assign a hotkey and an icon to each gear set for easier swapping and referencing.

As a complement, I also highly recommend ClosetGnome_Banker, which allows you to define what sets you want to keep on you, and then offers a command to bank everything you don’t need and retrieve every piece you do need on one single click. Isn’t that handy? I think it is.

Not reviewed directly (because I use a different add-on for that), there’s also ClosetGnome_Tooltip, which will add the name of the gear set an item belongs to in the tooltip, so that you never risk vendoring or worse, sharding, a piece part of your active kit.

In Summary, ClosetGnome is small, with a limited but well-defined purpose. It does one thing, manage gear sets for you, and it does it exceedingly well. It will mesh in very nicely for an Ace2-oriented add-on collection, in particuliar for FuBar users (but you are one if you use Ace2- stuff, aren’t you?), and there’s a couple of more snap-ins beyond the mentionned Banker and Tooltip which are bound to cover all the needs of anyone struggling with several equipment sets.

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2 Responses to Addons in Review: ClosetGnome and ClosetGnome Banker

  1. Galoheart (46 comments) says:

    I use Itemrack for my 4 gear set choices. But at any one time i can only every really use 3 sets. DPS, Tank, Around Town. Makes fr easy changing of all gear without having to remember what gear i need to equip.

  2. Vidar Braut Haarr (1 comments) says:

    Wow, galoheart, aren’t you special for using ItemRack.

    Get original, Gnomes are the future!