The Week-End wrapped up

Ah, Monday mornings, where the amount of coffee required to write up a coherent thought is amplified tenfold.
My tummy wouldn’t stomach this much, though, so here’s a series of more or less non-related snippets.

  • I was overly optimistic in my last post about instance runs on our belowed Ghost Town server. The weekend late evening is still a no-play time, apparently. I’m also back in the good old situation where there’s a lack of tanks while I’m specced holy, but I know perfectly well that if I respec, tanks will abound while healers are in high demand.
  • Back to Arena with Steptoe, 7-3, 60 more rating. We were both rusty, and could probably have won another of these. We got spanked twice by a pallie-priest combo, seems like we have to work more to overcome this kind of duos. Nice evening, though.
  • Got hit with boredom farming for that epic flyer (I currently only have access to the two Skettis dailies, so it’s mining to make up for the rest – yay for groupless Ghost Town server), levelled a new shammie, now 13, started another lock during a short hour.
  • While cleaning up the mailbox of one of my lowbie rogues, I noticed the latest gold seller shenanigan: every single green armour piece in the level 10 to 20 range which wasn’t either crafted or “of the pervasive spirit bonus” has been listed by one single thug at 4g50 buy / 5g BO. It’s becoming really tiresome dealing with those shameless bastard RMT companies in the game, not to mention the accelerated rate at which the spammers regenerate a fake advertising char. Wish Blizzard would come up with a smarter way to filter those out than human reporting. Something like parsing low level char communication strings for certain telltale expressions and then making it so that their chat is only fed back to their own client instead of the server.
  • Kirk over at Prieastly Endeavors requested a linkback to this post, so here we go. Hello Kirk, unfortunately you’re already listed on my blogroll so you won’t really gain much through this.
  • The good thing about that though is that I discovered Kestrel’s Aerie, another worthwile wow blog. Check out his review of Infobar Add-Ons while you’re at it, and get FuBar :)
  • Amusingly enough, the most-used search term to reach Altitis is bubble hearth macro. Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, my stance hasn’t changed from last time. If you really need a bubble-hearth macro, you’re playing the wrong game.

And this concludes this rag-tag assortment of a post. See you when I have woken up.

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