Heads-Up – Druids

I added a section for durids on the blogroll:

  • Of Teeth and Claws caters to the tanking droods
  • Resto4life and Rawr! I’m a Tree specialize on the nurturing aspects of the saving-everyone’s butt kind.

I have a love-hate relationship with druids, it’s the second class in terms of amount of toons I have created, it’s also one of the only two which I can’t bear (hahah. Ahem. Sorry, it’s still Monday morning) levelling. Although I made some progress, since starting this blog my highest one is a brand new Tauren which made it to level 21 (previous ceiling was 16). It’s also the class I’d love to play endgame for it’s ultimate versatility and the fact that it is currently the only halfway decently implemented true hybrid in the game.

So respect to all the folks who levelled theirs to 70, and a double dose of that to anyone who made it to 60 before TBC, when druids were about as messed as pallies.

EDIT Jan’08: Apparently Rawr! I’m a Tree has disappeared off the blogosphere, the link has therefore been removed.

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One Response to Heads-Up – Druids

  1. Karthis (15 comments) says:

    Getting to level 20 is a huge pain, but after you get Kitty form at 20, leveling a druid is a breeze. We have very little down time, do great DPS in cat form, can swap to bear form if we bite off more than we can chew, and in a pinch we can swap back to caster form to heal.