Paladin Macros Redux

After a 2 months hiatus and some more playtime, my Paladin macros require some improvements. OK, I’ll admit right off the bat, wowinsider just posted about them, and as is often the case, they are a ragtag collection of sometimes badly-written little tools which don’t necessarily suit most needs.

Anyway, here’s a more detailed list of what I use on my pallie.


I wrap all my seals into the following template:

 /cast Seal of Wossname

I don’t macro in Judgement myself. There’s a bunch of macros which will use /castsequences for that, or which judge and seal. I find I don’t like these myself, too often will I judge the wrong seal by mistake.

What you could do safely is however adding a condition like judging if you hit the shift key:

 /cast [modifier:shift] Judgement
 /stopcasting [modifier:shift]
 /cast Seal of Wossname


All my normal blessings are wrapped in the following macro:

 /cast [target=mouseover, help] [help] [target=player] Blessing of so and so

Blessing of Protection

If you are tanking, do not, under any circumstances, include the [target=player] in the above, the risk that you will BoP yourself on a wrong keypress is definitely there and you risk wiping your group.

If you are PvPing, however, you can expand it:

 /cast [target=mouseover, help] [help] [target=targettarget, help][target=player] Blessing of Protection

This way, it will try to BoP whatever ally you’re mousing over (including in raidframes), or your current target if it’s an ally, if not, your current target’s target, and if the latter isn’t friendly, yourself.

Provided you took steps to display your target’s target (either through the Interface settings in the escape menu or whatever unitframes AddOn you’re using), this will allow you to have an opponent targetted and buy whoever he is hitting some time if that guy is dropping fast.


The basic healing macro wraps FoL and Holy Light like this:

 /cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Flash of Light

This doesn’t include the “oh crap!” help, which I added recently:

 /cast [modifier:shift] Divine Favor
 /stopcasting [modifier:shift]
 /cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Flash of Light

I made that one for both FoL and HL. If I click shift, I’ll get a guaranteed crit heal (provided DF isn’t on cooldown). Nice when things start getting tough.

Panic Button – Holy Shock:

 /cast [modifier:shift, help] Divine Favor
 /stopcasting [modifier:shift]
 /cast [harm][help] Holy Shock

This will shock your target, but if you press shift at the same time, it will crit heal. Nice if you’re either in pure panic mode or if you’re getting close to that and need some more time to cast a Holy Light.

Perpetual Light’s Grace (nicked off Blessing of Kings):

 /castsequence reset=shift/10 [target=mouseover, help][help]
[target=targettarget, help][target=player] Holy Light(Rank 5), 
Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light

Spam this one and you’ll essentially stay under Light’s Grace during the whole fight. Uses the same targeting rule as the normal heals.


For cleansing we will wrap the spell as a heal, just removing the targettarget condition. You should definitely keybind this one regardless of your spec, and you’ll find mouseover cleansing is something you will do even if you’re Ret and working your arse off to keep up with DPS.

 /cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=player] Cleanse

Of course you’ll want to use Purify in there instead of Cleanse until you get it at level 42 :)


This is simply the good ole classical RD-works-as-taunts one:

 /cast [target=mouseover,help][help][target=targettarget, help] Righteous Defense

Why use this one instead of Wowinsider’s? Simple. You’ll want to keybind this macro, and there are situations where your current target is firmly on you while adds which just spawned are running for the healer. You’ll want to be able to mouseover your healer’s unit frame while keeping on your current target. Plus, it’s using 2.1 syntax and thus newer, neater and overall better.

Single-button Consecrate

Often, after your initial aggro-grab is done, using a full Consecration can become too mana-intensive for keeping whatever mob has had the least Holy Shield hits interested in you. Since the Spiritual Attunement nerf, there are situations where your mitigation is just a tad too good for the trash, and full rank consecrations may leave you mana dry.

I use this simple macro for that purpose:

 /cast [nomodifier] Consecration
 /cast [modifier:shift] Consecration(Rank 2)

Bubble-Hearth macro:

Come on now, be serious. If you really need that one, find a private server which still has the old level 60 set bonus with a shorter Hearthstone cooldown, and get off my WoW.


I don’t macro this one either and don’t recommend it. If you’re bubbled and the tactical situation allows you to self-cast HL, you should rather bandage. So make a bubble-bandage macro if you want.


In general, there’s a bunch of other macros out there, with various degrees of utility. Using these is up to you, of course, but in terms of guidelines, these are the points I consider before taking on any specific new ones:

  1. Does condensing several actions into one button really make sense in this context?
  2. Would I really gain anything compared to keeping whatever I want to merge separate? For instance I prefer keeping Judging and Sealing separate myself
  3. Is the combination actually feasible? Too often people come up with apparently good macros but don’t realize they’re trying to queue up two spells subject to the global cooldown – which won’t work
  4. Is it sufficiently intuitive that you will be able to use it in a tight spot? It’s all fine and dandy combining Divine Favour with your normal heals using shift, but if when you need it you fumble over your keyboard while trying to find the visual DF symbol on your button bar, it’s probably better keeping them separate.

In short, using macros can enhance your game, but, just like AddOns, knowing when NOT to macro something is often just as important in order to boost your efficiency to the maximum.

Wowinsider’s Rez Macro is damn fine.

For some reason wowinsider won’t accept my comments, hence the reply on my own blog instead of there.

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4 Responses to Paladin Macros Redux

  1. gt (28 comments) says:

    I could have used that mouseover cleanse last week! That seems like the kind of macro I will come to love very soon…

    Great post!

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  3. Gwaendar (217 comments) says:

    Cleansing while tanking FTW – I love mouseover.

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